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I know, I know…

Posted by Allison on April 1, 2010

In my head I’m constantly writing blog posts.  They just don’t translate to ACTUAL blog posts the past week or so.  I’m unmotivated when it comes to updating lately.  It’s not that there isn’t a lot going on, there is!  I just haven’t been as witty and charming as I usually am.  Went to France the other day with my girl Becs over at Wright at Home and had an amazing time.  Love Strasbourg, such a beautiful city.  I took some nice photos, here’s one..

Beautiful right?  Then I looked at Becs pictures and she took this one of me…

I saw this picture and said, holy shit, I need to take some damn photography classes!  Luckily I said it to Bec and she knew of a woman who was doing a series of 6/8 classes for people wanting to learn how to take pictures with a digital SLR camera!  And it was starting the next week.  So today was my very first class.  I’ve already learned more about my camera than I knew in the last 9 months since we bought it.  I have taken it off the auto setting and I can’t wait to learn more.  I’ve also downloaded adobe photoshop elements for mac and and going to start post editing my pictures, apparently all the cool kids are doing it. So I’ve already learned how to sharpen up some of the pictures from the trip…still just baby steps at this but now the picture of the cathedral looks like I wanted it to when I pointed the camera….and that’s cool.

Kids and hubby are off for 12 days of Easter and we are trying to figure out where to take a road trip.  We need to hit up a Canadian consulate to get a statement in lieu of a guarantor for Nadia’s new passport in her new name. (we traveled on her old name cause the adoption and the travel dates were too close for comfort and her lame ass social worker didn’t inform us that the adoption was actually final before we left the country and now we have to incur all these extra costs because she’s a dimwitted idiot who I wish would retire and stop actually having to be in charge of what happens to kids in care, but i digress).  Anywhoodooles, we’ve rented a car for next week and we are going to travel around.  The two closest consulates are Dusseldorf and Stuttgart but we’re not sure which one to hit up.  What it means is there will be plenty of travel next week and opportunity for me to test out some new camera skills!  That will hopefully translate into some fun and exciting blog posts.  We might even hit some new countries….

6 Responses to “I know, I know…”

  1. Becks said

    I have totally been slacking on my blog. Been super uninspired lately, though I have a million ideas all the time for posts. Damn parasite! I love the word anywhoodooles. It’s my new word 🙂 Stuttgart has a cool castle from what I’ve heard. Obviously Strasbourg is close and cool. Bruges was unreal and I highly recommend that trip if you have the time. It’s a 5 hour drive from where we are (this included 2 pit stops though). Strasbourg has NOTHING on Bruges. Bruges is Strasbourg times ten!!

    As for elements Do you know how to do layers? If not then Ill have to show you, or you can look for a video tutorial online. Always create a new layers for different changes.
    I can show you how to do amazing things in like 30min to an hour.

    • Allison said

      I will definitely take you up on that offer! I’ve started watching some tutorials and I will be buying the full program after the free month. It’s amazing. I need to know how to save the pictures back to jpg’s so that i can compress and then upload them to my blog…I’m hooked!

  2. becks said

    When you do “save as” there should be a jpeg option

  3. Lourie said

    I have miles to go with my camera too, but it is fun to play! Good luck!

  4. anji said

    You should check out the Pioneer Women’s website… she has a section specifically for camera work and she has some “actions” for photoshop. Essentially they are pre-made actions that make your pictures really purty 🙂

    Talk to you soon!

    P.S. I’m back on Yahoo, if you ever wanna chat! And you can share all your travel stories with me… and make me insanely jealous 😦 *sigh*

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