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Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy…my first book review!

Posted by Allison on March 21, 2010

Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy was sent to me for a review last week.  I had checked it out online and was surprised that I had not heard of this delightful book before now.  I am always on the lookout for books that tackle the idea that politeness, manners and differences between individuals and this book explores all those themes.  I like the subtle way manners are just ‘there’ as just a way of being and the kids don’t have to be told to ‘clear their plates’ they just do it, showing that are not a thing of the past but something even very young children can aspire too.  Elijah became a quick fan of the book and took it as his special toy/book to speech therapy this week.  He will be reading an excert to the class on Wednesday.  It has become a much requested night time story already and I for one cannot wait to see what adventures Danny the Dragon gets into next.

Jimmy is a young boy who finds a very special shell on the beach and takes it home.  Soon Jimmy meets the inhabitants of the shell and the have a nice time together.  I can imagine from the introduction of the characters that there are many adventures to come and we are looking forward to reading them.

The drawings are colourful and sweet.  I liked how the children are helpful and polite without being told and Elijah picked up on that as well.  The reading level is PERFECT for Elijah and he didn’t struggle with any of the words after the first reading.  I can’t wait to hear how his classmates react to Danny the Dragon!

In addition to the book we also received a DVD non animated reading of Danny the Dragon meets Jimmy.  Again the colour illustrations kept Elijah focused on the DVD the entire time as he flipped through his copy of the book.  Since Elijah has the attention span of a gnat this isn’t usually how he watches things on TV.  I think because he enjoyed the book so much he was willing to sit and really watch the DVD.   The sign language interpretation was nice and I imagine by the time Elijah has watch it a couple of times he will have picked up the sign language for the  story as well…as he used signs before he was talking and is so visual.

You can find out more about Danny The Dragon and Tina Turbin’s Causes by visiting these websites:

**I’d like to thank Tina Turbin and her assistant Rosie Newman for providing me with a copy of this book and dvd in return for reviewing it. This review reflects my own personal opinion and experience with this book and DVD and if you’ve read my blog you know that opinions are something I’m never short of and are always my own!

2 Responses to “Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy…my first book review!”

  1. Becks said

    That looks so cute…do you think it would be good for a toddler? Im trying to keep Lexi up on her sign language.

  2. Lourie said

    I’ve never heard of those ones before. I will have to check them out.

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