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If you could turn back time.

Posted by Allison on March 10, 2010

So my thought today is what would change if you could turn back time and do something different. Is it like in Star Trek that one change starts your life on a completely different tangent? Do those alternate realities still take place. If there is a fracture in the space time continuum what happens to the roads not taken. Does anyone out there remember the TNG episode called Parellels? I’m now showing the geek side of me, don’t be alarmed.
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There are so many different things that seem to be defining moments in my life but I wonder if it’s just the little crossroads that are in fact where the biggest changes take place. It’s not the job interview that lead to a high level position but forgetting your key and having to go home that makes you narrowly miss an accident.
I remember reading a book on the Butterfly effect years ago and it’s always stuck with me. Really every romantic comedy in history uses the premise that one small change or one small situation effects so many things down the road. In Much Ado about Nothing one of my favorite movies (kenneth braunagh and emma thompson ROCKED) the near misses and misunderstandings grow to such epic proportions that although comical raise the question, what effect does missing someone by 2 seconds have on the rest of their lives. Hello? Romeo and Juliet…friar stopped to take a PEE for god sake? I don’t know ,I guess there is always a part of me that will wonder about the roads not taken. Usually when the road I’m on has potholes.

6 Responses to “If you could turn back time.”

  1. Ah, potholes. The ever present reality in most of our lives. Don’t you sometimes think its the potholes that make the rest of the journey so great.

    Have you hear the poem The Dash? It’s about a funeral and the dates on your grave, 1936-2010, and how important that dash is in between. I’m constantly reminded not to take my ‘dash’ for granted…also a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.

    I hope your potholes fill up soon with easiness and bliss Ü

  2. Rhonda Thiessen said

    So who have you been dreaming about lately? Does this have anything to do with Mr. Dubé?;oP

  3. Kathy said

    I wonder the same thing but I like my road I like knowing whats ahead.

  4. anji said

    My friend “lied” to me at Christmas. Instead of telling me the truth, I decided to call her on the lie. The result, I travelled an extra 25 minutes to go to her house to pick up my “belongings” (which were actually at her sisters 6 hrs away).

    Then, on the way home my car was struck and my brother and I were injured. Car totaled. I’ve got concussion issues, vesticular stuff (balance things) and… this is all because my friend lied.

    Had she told me the truth, I would have been able to make it home safe and sound — accident free.

    So yea – the 2-minute “pee”… pee could be ANYTHING. My case, it was a lying friend I haven’t spoken to since. People don’t stop to think very hard, what their words and actions can mean to someone… could mean life… OR… death. Grrr…

  5. Lourie said

    Did you ever see Mr. Destiny with Jim Belushi? It’s exactly what you are talking about here. He just wishes this one thing would have been different. And suddenly it is, and his life is totally different, but he doesn’t have his wife, kids, friends…etc. Yeah, I think about it. I also think when I am running terribly late, and keep forgetting things that I need to be late, because maybe there is a maniac driver out there. This is a good post.

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