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Two down, one million to go..

Posted by Allison on March 2, 2010

So for the second week I decided to go with the meatless meal.  Really so excited about it, not sure how the rest of the family feels but I’m enjoying making new things.  The worst part about dinner for me is deciding what to cook.  Now that I’m going meatless one night a week it’s opened up a whole new category of foods.  Tonight we had Asparagus Spinach Lasagna.  I adapted a recipe that ended up being NOTHING like the recipe on the site.  DAYUM!  It was good.  I do have some tweaking to do but everyone ate it right up.

Started by frying up some onions, shallots, mushrooms and garlic. Added some broth and then put in some chopped up artichokes and spinach.

The recipe called for jarred  sauce but I couldn’t find any so I added some cream sauce that was meant for potatoes.  It’s a bit salty for my taste, next time I’ll make a white, cheese sauce from scratch to be able to avoid the salty taste.

Once the sauce was added to the mix I knew I had a winner.  The house smelled so good.

Here it is all layered in the casserole.  Used 2 types of cheese today, next time I will use gouda I think that flavour would mix best.  I LOVE these lasagne sheets, no boiling and they taste amazing!

Ready to serve.  I could have made double, what a hit!

Here’s the original recipe from allrecipes.

6 Responses to “Two down, one million to go..”

  1. barilla pasta is wonderful to eat 🙂 and that lasagne seemed onderful…will have to try it!

  2. Yum, yum, yum. We got “meatless” quite often around here and I don’t think my family even notices. They go all “caveman” when I put their plates in front of them and I all I hear is a little bit of grunting. That lasagna looks de-lish! =)

  3. becks said

    Looks delish. Im an official freak. I decided to google organic standards in Germany and from what I found many times a “bio” label doesn’t even mean it’s really organic…GREAT! My best bet would be to go to the butcher, find out how and where the animals are raised/treated and hope they have the cuts I need. This of course is not only time consuming and a hassle for me right now (Im in my lazy, tired grumpy preggo phase), but super expensive.

    A German Shaun works with said they don’t inspect meat as well here as they do in States. Not sure if I believe it or not. So since I don’t know what to think or believe right now I have no choice but to eat Vegetarian meals. Because Im a FREAK. A control freak and a mental freak. If I dont know where my food came from I automatically feel ill. At least I admit it, right? lol. Anyway I want to try eggplant parmesan now. Shaun invited some people over on Sat. and I was goingto make enchiladas. I suppose I could try veggie, but Im so nervous to make something new when having guests!

    Im ok with eating the Bio fish/seafood b/c it’s either farm raised or not.

  4. Lourie said

    I would have to do this covertly. I have very picky eaters! But you rock. It looks fantastic.

  5. christina said

    That looks fantastic. Unfortunately I have some family members who won’t eat artichokes and other who won’t eat spinach. And no one but me will touch eggplant (your other recipe looked great too). Darn.

    If you guys like tofu, try this one for General Tao’s Tofu:

    • Allison said

      Everyone ate up both dishes and the eggplant was a HUGE hit, you really should try the eggplant once, I think everyone would be pleasantly surprised….just don’t tell them what is in it.

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