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Dear CNN, Tiger Woods inability to keep it in his pants, is NOT breaking news.

Posted by Allison on February 22, 2010

Okay this Tiger Woods thing is driving me crazy!  I really can’t imagine why THIS  qualifies as “breaking news” on CNN.  I have a feeling that there are people who are passionate about the subject but I am not one of them.  Having said that, I just HAVE to get my two cents in.  I’m a wife.  In fact I’ve been a wife a couple of times but I can only imagine what Tiger’s wife is going through.  Two young babies and a cheatin’ husband.  Happens every day.  I think the only thing that she has over the majority of people out there is that she doesn’t have to factor in that to leave would put her kid’s financial future at risk. But other than that she is no different that any other woman….she laid down with a guy, popped out a couple of kids and found out he’s cheating.  That sucks, it sucks big time and that alone is tough.  To do it in the public eye with cameras pointing at your face has got to be horrific.  What I don’t get is how the hell this went on for so long and it didn’t come out.  That is really weird.  Where the hell is TMZ? They get shots of Brad and Angelina boat ride with Jon Voigt or Hillary Duff’s engagement to Comrie through a hotel room window across town and yet they MISSED this? I’m losing my faith in tabloid journalism.  For shame Dlisted, Usmag, Perez, Page 6, for shame.

Sounds like Tiger has/had an inner circle who are so busy lining their pockets they’ve lost their sense of decency.   How do you look this young mom in the eye knowing that you’re making sure she and the world don’t find out the junior mchorny pants is sleeping with everyone he can.  You know there were people VERY close to Elin and Tiger, probably considered FRIENDS after years of working together who knew about this.  She had probably had some of these people in her house.  Picked out wedding and baby gifts for their families that sort of thing, who were looking that girl in the eye for YEARS knowing what was happening to her.  That’s horrific.  How do you let her have children while he is engaging in potentially lethal activities.  Why would she insist on an hiv test while preggo’s if she has no concept that hubby is out smacking it down with everything nasty ass ho this side of the mississippi.  She could have been infected with any number of STD’s that are not only harmful to her but lethal to any child she was carrying.  Scary.

But the part that bugs me the most is the whole idea that we put these people on a pedastal and then seemingly enjoy the fall more than the rise.  While he’s a good golfer he can’t be JUST a golfer.  He has to be morally superior.  He has to be a role model for kids all over the world.  Add to that the fact that he’s multiracial and he also has to be a spokesman for an entire race (or two).  If Tiger was in public office I could see it,  when you’re an elected official you put yourself out there as having the common sense and moral compass that allows you to help decide what is best for everyone who put you there.  Tiger hits a ball with a stick.

I will say that I’m very glad that his wife didn’t stand next to him at the podium or in the audience.  The news guy was saying it was a mistake she wasn’t there to show her support.  I laughed out loud.   He signed contracts that had a morality clause in them, he broke that clause and for that he should apologize to the sponsors that paid him big money.  End of story. I picture her as a young woman who probably before this point looked at those contrived press conference of fallen politicians and said “i would never stand up there like a puppet and pretend to be support that jack ass”.  I’m pretty sure she was asked to, and I kind of picturing her saying, “um fuck off” to the very people who lied and schemed behind her back now telling her “it’s best for tiger and the brand” sort of thing.  I would have spend the day shopping or getting a massage.

In fact, I’m not quite sure why he has to apologize to the ‘world’.  One sportscaster was saying it’s been “too long” and he should have come out sooner with a statement.  Really?  Cause it seems to me, if it JUST happened and you come on tv talking about how you “understand the pain you’ve caused” and “you’re getting the help you need for addiction”  that is just cover your ass, keep your sponsor bullshit and has NOTHING to do with reality, someone who has been delusion for so long needs more than a couple days in rehab to start to grasp the level of pain they’ve caused never mind the why.  And why exactly does he own anyone a public statement?  I didn’t elect the little cheater to anything. My husband bought his golf game for play station but it’s a good game that he enjoys so no need to apologize to us.  If the game was shit and he got on tv saying it was awesome, then an I’m sorry would be the right thing to do….but…he didnt’ DO anything to me and I certainly don’t sit here saying to my kids, “look you can be like Tiger he’s a multi racial dude that is a better role model than your parents” The whole idea that he had buckets of money and was seemingly surrounded by idiots who were so busy making sure he could have whatever he wanted was the perfect storm.  He’s an entitled prick but he never said he wasn’t.  He never stood up in front of the world and said I’m morally superior to you, follow me, let your kids look at me as a role model because I’m a better role model that you are, or their teachers, or the local community activist.  What’s remarkable to me is that as a society we don’t stop and say, geez, we really have to stop putting these people on unrealistic pedestals!  Nope, we just look for the next seemingly perfect athlete to throw our hero worship at…..the definition of insanity people.

11 Responses to “Dear CNN, Tiger Woods inability to keep it in his pants, is NOT breaking news.”

  1. becks said

    right. right. and right again. For me it isn’t b/c he is some amazing golfer that I expect him to be a moral leader. It’s the fact that he is married with two children. I expect that when people make the commitment to marriage and having children that they oblige by the morals it involves. She should have hit his car harder with the golf club and not missed.

  2. dollard said

    I could not agree more! I personally turned off any Tiger-related television all weekend, I will not encourage or support the media’s blaze of this topic. I think its a personal problem he has to deal with and it most CERTAINLY is not top level news. We all need better lives than to let a freaking press conference run our day. bleh

  3. Meems said

    If Tiger had addressed when he would return to golf, it might have been news-worthy. Maybe that’s what they were hoping for. The press conference was completely unnecessary, and I applaud the Golf Writers group for boycotting it since they were not allowed to ask questions. If they can’t ask questions, why do you need the press there?

    TMZ never bothered with him before because they had no reason to believe he would provide anything juicy until now.

    • Allison said

      But THAT’S the point, if TMZ isn’t digging up dirt on people then why are they there? They just assumed he was this super goody two shoes not worth following while inundating me with the coming and goings of Paris Hilton….

  4. Lourie said

    I am sick of him too. Perhaps if he had just owned up to it in the beginning…nah never mind. he’s still a turd.

  5. As a single guy who enjoys playing around as much and as often as I can I believe Tiger has to be some kind of an idiot, if he had stayed single he would be playing right now as this would not even be a story – its not like he killed someone. Instead he made committments that he broke, it happens but the apology he gave is not news worthy. The only reason to do it is to save his sponsors and endorsements and Elin has no need to be there for that nonsense. The apology to Elin is a completely different matter and if she trusts him again she needs some serious help. As for hitting his car with a golf club I think she hit the wrong head.

    The problem for me is that Tiger was the spokesperson for an organization aimed at getting disadvantaged kids into thte game to learn, according to the ads (Honesty, Integrity and Self-Esteem). That is why he was put on a pedastal not just for his golf and it is that betrayal that he needs to apologize for – he told these kids that because he had a father around all his life and because of his love of golf he was kept on the straight and narrow and this could happen to them. Instead like many evangelical leaders, he could not practice what he preached, a disappointment that these kids did not need or deserve. He set himself up as their hero and pretended to the world that he really was, unfortunately he should have been more honest in the first place, gotten separated or divorced and then gone and slept with half the world, that is why some of us stay single – you simply can;t have it both ways if you want to actually live a life of integrity.

  6. So, so, so, so, so, so, so true. Did I mention how right you are? Shame on ‘the people’ for getting so attached to a celebrity that they feel they are owed an apology/explanation for something that has absolutely nothing to do with them. Was Tiger Woods a prick? Sure thing. Is he different than any other cheating dirtbag? Other than a whole lotta money, nope. Time to move on… =)

  7. Wow! What an ear..I mean eyeful! AlLison, I think you bring up some great points. I’ve never quite understood the whole insanity with putting people up on the pedastool. What gets me is when someone IN the public eye freaks out because they have ‘no privacy’..UMMM, isn’t that what your job is and one you signed up for?! Publicity isn’t something you can turn off and on for when it’s convenient for you.

    Whatever happens with it, I’ve also been married a couple of times and have experienced a little of what Tiger is dishing and it doesn’t feel good, in fact, it feels like your whole damn world is falling apart and that you’re not good enough. Good enough to keep your husbands eyes, penis and whatever else at home.

    It’s a shame, it’s a shame for Elin and everyone one else that experiences it. I don’t care what your social status is..I have ONE word for those that are unfaitful..IGNORANT ASS.

    Whew…where did that come from…ok I feel better Ü

  8. You summed it up in one sentence: If Tiger was in public office I could see it, when you’re an elected official you put yourself out there as having the common sense and moral compass that allows you to help decide what is best for everyone who put you there. Tiger hits a ball with a stick.

    Sorry, that’s 2 sentences but that’s not the point.

    He is a celebrity- he lives and dies by public opinion so he has to live with his public personae. If you don’t like him, don’t support him. End of story . (Heather’s spouse)

  9. Rhona said

    Preach! I have been thinking and saying this for weeks! I mean, it sucks for his wife and family alone. I don’t understand why the news is all over this mess and carrying on like they haven’t done the same shit. We had a big scandal here a few weeks ago with the TTC manager and it was like the vultures swooped in to make this story bigger than it really was. Personally, I don’t see what this guys sex life has to do with running for mayor. I am so sick of the hypocracy of the journalism world.
    You are right, people love to build you up and shut you down. You see this daily in the tabloids. I have to listen to the guys at work chat about tiger woods and I just hold my tongue. Seriously, what is the big hoopla about? I feel bad and embarrassed for his wife and family but why CNN is all up on this news is beyond me. I have a few theories on why they are making this such a big media blitz but that is neither here nor there.
    Thank goodness I am not the only person to think this is out of control.

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