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Bagel making!!!

Posted by Allison on February 16, 2010

There is nothing I won’t try when it comes to food…I am always saying “how hard can THAT be” right before I try to make something….we have much success with home made sushi and really I think that it made me more adventurous.  So the other day when I stumbled upon this website for making bagels at home, I thought, why the hell not, let’s give it a go!

So there was lots of kneading….

And an audience….(is anyone noticing how much frickin’ smaller I am?!?! LOVE this pic!)

We then made what looked like bagels

I KNOW this was a silly pot to pack and send half way around the world but DAMMIT I love this pot!  And it’s perfect for boiling bagels!

Sadly, there are no after pics because the Rebel camera battery died after MONTHS and I am now charging it…okay skip that…the battery was charged enough that by the time we served supper I could take some pictures.. Have I mentioned how much I love my Canon Rebel, the long battery life is just one of the reasons I love this camera more than any other I’ve ever owned.  Anyway, I now know how to make bagels!

Pair them with homemade potato soup…..(on a disney cars place mate if you’re really fancy)

And you’ve got yourself a fantastic dinner!

I will be buying stuff to make everything bagels the next time I’m at the grocery story. But here’s a gratuitous shot of my super sweet kids….minus the one that left to go to sleep after staying up all night playing some game on the computer…and that’s why he’s not in the supper shot above as well…

And now hubby is off to parts unknown (well not unknown to me but to most of you) and I’ll be a single parent for the next few days.  He wisely made sure to replenish my alcohol before taking off so the kids more than likely still going to be here when he gets back.  Oh and I’m knitting for the babies that are coming..but I’m also starting some Christmas knitting next month!!!  I’m making the Canadian olympic sweaters & mitts for the kids!  And I’m going to do a toque adaptation for them too!  I think next winter we should all have Canada toques, right?  So I’ve downloaded the patterns needed and I’m going to order the yarn asap….sooo excited!

14 Responses to “Bagel making!!!”

  1. ~dawn said

    I love making english muffins at home. Haven’t tried bagels yet, but I will certainly give it a try.
    Although sometimes the english muffins come out more like hockey pucks…

    Knitting… yeah, I’m still teaching myself how to. I only know how to knit and how to purl on straight needles and have no idea how to read a pattern. When I figure that out I might try to knit a sock… if works out I might even make a second one!

    Good luck while the hubby is out of town… the kids will be fine and so will you!

  2. Cheryl said

    whoa, I wanna try making bagels! (and english muffins) I hope I have some of the right ingredients (I’m going to check it out)

  3. becks said

    mmmmm…everything bagels. And yes u do look freakin skinny and pink is a lovely color on you btw.

  4. Shelly said

    ohmygosh Allison! You are shrinking!

    I want to make bagels now…..thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Meems said

    The first thing I noticed in the first pic how fabulous you look. It almost makes me want to move somewhere where walking is a primary mode of transportation.

    Did you put anything on the bagels?

  6. Janet said

    Wow I am impressed. I didn’t even know a person could make bagels at home. And I didn’t know bagels were boiled!

  7. Oh, how I love me a bagel! I don’t know if it’d be too smart for me to learn how to make them. Part of what keeps me from ballooning up even more is my laziness at driving to the store to buy some. God, but I’m tempted. Those looked delish! =)

  8. Cristina said

    Who knew bagels were boiled? I should know – I live in NY!!! For shame. Single mom for a few days…I see bubble baths in your future after the kids go down…maybe they’re like mine when daddy goes away and assume it’s a pajama party every night in my bed till 11PM!



  9. Thank you so much for the great bagel recipe! Even though I love the Brötchens here, we really miss good bagels. I occasionally would buy the one package of bagels that the Rewe carries, but they are quite sad in comparison to the variety back home in Canada. We made bagels yesterday and they turned out yummy! Our son had lots of fun “rolling out the snakes”. The recipe was so easy – we will definitely be making these again and again!

  10. yumyumsommom said

    Hi, Allison, this is Sommer. Anywho, I saw a recipe for homemade bagels on another site and I’m dying to try it. The bagels were wrapped around hotdogs, so it’d make a lovely summer BBQ treat or a cold winter’s evening stay in.

  11. yumyumsommom said

    I forgot to say that your bagels look lovely. I must’ve got distracted by one of the lil ones!

    Here’s the link:

    I may make it tomorrow. Will report back 🙂

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