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Fashion blues…

Posted by Allison on February 10, 2010

Some days I have a hard time deciding what to wear.  I ponder what makes me look fat, what doesn’t quite match and which outfit is just all wrong for the weather.  I’m no fashion diva and I know it but I like to think I have a good eye. Moving to Europe has opened my eyes to how boring I was dressing back home.  Nothing like 7 pairs of  yoga pants to make a girl realize shes in a fashion rut.  I’ve really tried to get outside my comfort zone now that I’m living overseas. I’ve stopped buying everything in gray for example.  I LOVE the colour grey but I have definitely taken to buying way too much gray.  I can see the same thing happening with brown.  As much as I try to stay away from those two colours I’m drawn to them.  So now I’m more likely to pick basics in those colours and try to add a splash of interest in a signature item or two.  Really see this at work on the street of Heidleberg and while in Paris I loved the way the women (and men) were always well turned out.

How you can tell a north american over here….in three or four easy steps.

Wedding rings – on the left hand, dead giveaway

Pants – very seldom do i see european women with pants JUST a little too short, that’s on us north americans

Scarves – Men and women know how to wear a scarf over here…damn

Layering – long sleeve basics under sleeveless sweaters, leggings with a skirt or shorts….layering is a necessity with the wet cold but damn can the majority of people over here make something that usually looks sloppy look chic and pulled together.

Boots – I had a moment of clarity on the whole boot craze over here.  It’s frickin’ slushy all the damn time because of the intermittent snow/rain.  If you don’t have knee high boots with your pants (or leggings)tucked in you will be doing a lot of laundry….and your legs will be cold.

There are always some in every crowd who refuse to follow rules of fashion dictated by the masses and let me tell you when they go off the fashion grid over here, they go WAY off….case in point.

One of these days I’m going to get caught but I don’t care….

11 Responses to “Fashion blues…”

  1. foerchk said

    Kma looks down at her yoga pants and sighs in acceptance.

  2. becks said

    Totally agree with the fashion. Love it over here. And I love how you are sneaking pictures of people. That is hilarious.

  3. Danielle said

    New follower sent from SITS… Cant wait to read more !!!

  4. Lourie said

    I remember living back east and thinking I was in a foreign land then. No white after Labor Day etc. Here CA there is one rule: Dress accordingly. Haha. I think I would cave to the boots, and long sleeves with sleeveless sweaters–I actually really like that look–but the leggin’s under shorts or skirts….meh…not so much.

    • Allison said

      I’ve already caved, I LOVE the boot look (and hate laundry) and the long sleeve with sleeveless sweater thing is just plain cute…

  5. lynda said

    Yes, it is all about layers… and a really chic coat… a stunning coat can cover a multitude of sins.. can you say 10am and still in PJ’s?

  6. ~dawn said

    wedding ring- left hand- check
    yoga pans dragging on the slushy, icy, snowing ground- check
    Layering makes me look like a bag lady living under a bridge- check…

    I must be from North America… or else I am a hopelessly lost cause… good thing I’m from North America.

  7. Ha! Great pictures! You should make this a regular feature.

  8. ~dawn said

    Hey just wanted to let you know I posted some props for you on my blog today…

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