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Can you keep a secret?

Posted by Allison on February 9, 2010

I am HORRIBLE at keeping secrets.  I talk all the time.   Even when I don’t want to tell about something, somehow I spill the beans.  And I have some stuff I’m not wishing to share with the world so I haven’t been a good blogger.  Sounds silly but it’s true.  I don’t trust myself NOT to go on and on about some stuff that we are thinking about and going through.  So today I was sitting here thinking about all the stuff I have to do (go to the bank, pick up the kid, get some receipts in the mail to ss back home, get groceries etc) and it hit me, I should write a blog post about how I can’t write a blog post.  Funny, when I’m going through stuff with my kids or hubby I can just put it all out there but this is different.

When I keep a secret it’s a big deal.  I didn’t tell my girlfriend that she was about to be engaged.  It’s just about KILLED me but I kept my mouth shut.  And I didn’t spill the beans about a baby shower that was held last week but in that case I know I would have blown it if I saw her at all, so luckily for me we didn’t get together for a while before hand.  She was properly surprised and that was nice.

Anyway, suffice it to say that we potentially have some big changes coming around the corner and we are all giddy and excited to share it with everyone but I’m going to be a good girl and keep my mouth shut and not jinx anything!

10 Responses to “Can you keep a secret?”

  1. Kathy said

    I hope you make it…sounds like you really want to tell us….we can keep a secret!

  2. I’m a GREAT secret keeper!!! I can’t to read the news…wish you well with whatever decision or choices you make, have a great day Ü

  3. Cheryl said

    I stink at keeping secrets too! I tend to tell the boyfriend everything haha…oops 🙂

  4. becks said

    I suck ass at secrets as Im sure you know. I told the world when I was 5 weeks preggers. Will you be able to tell us the new secret at some point? When you say “we potentially have some big changes” that sorta gives me a hint to what I THINK it is.

  5. foerchk said

    Ohh you can tell ME what it is… I’ll keep it a secret for you! 😉

  6. Meems said

    I told my oldest sister I was pregnant about a week before I told the rest of the family and she said the secret nearly KILLED her. She was so relieved when I finally told everyone else.

  7. Okay, I’m awesome at keeping secrets. But I HATE not knowing secrets. Seriously. You have got to give it up like sometime soon. The suspense will drive me crazy! =)

  8. Rhonda said

    I told Carolyn I was pregnant with my second and third child weeks before I told anyone else and she didn’t think it was that big of a deal to keep a secret…although she’s now in! Just kidding. I told my mom later when I was pregnant with my second and she had to keep it a secret for a MONTH because my foster sister was pregnant with her first baby and I didn’t want to steal her thunder. My mom said it was one of the hardest things to do to keep a secret that long. So basically, you are right, keeping secrets SUCKS! So try not to keep this one under wraps for too much longer, enquiring minds want to know.

  9. lynda said

    Just give it up… you know you want to! 😉

    I think I am good at keeping secrets.. mainly because people tell me things and then I forget about it… Ha ha ha…

  10. I am an excellent secret-keeper. This distresses my husband to no end. If someone tells me a secret, but doesn’t say specifically to not tell my husband, it’s implied that I can share it. But if someone says, “Don’t tell your husband,” then I don’t. His response, “How can you do that?” Sometimes it’s hard, but I can do it.

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