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Guest blogger – Elijah

Posted by Allison on February 1, 2010

Today Elijah wrote a story on my Ipod so I’m featuring him as my Guest Blogger.

THIS STORY (that’s the title)

I.  Forgot our.  Of.    The.   Way. Milkey.(milky way)  We.  Had. To.  Ask.  To. A. StrAnger. How. To. Go.  (to) Through.the. Milkey.  Way. But. There. Wear,s. Sign ,s. A.  Persin,s. (person)  Said. It.  And.   Readen. (reading) 100. Time’s.  To. Be.  ReAder.  Agin.(again) But.  At. Home. Deming. (damming) One. Piece.  Fall. Down.   To. A. Persin.(person) Hand.  Named. Peter. Said. What. Theresa. Said. Don,t.  Worrycgfffxf. (sound effect) Mtwo.(that’s a girl name) Said.  What.  Vowe. Gif. (another sound effect) Tern.  But. It. Was. Getting   Close. To. Bedtime. So. Gif. Said ggggffr. Gffff. (sound effect) Daming. (damming) Cffffc.   Vtfdff. (sound effect)   But. Mtwo.  Was. Right.but. Victor. Is.  Asleep 8:00. Coning.(coming)   A.      Mug-pie. (mud pie) Was.laugh hahahahahahahaha. So. They. All. Said. Bye-bye. Mug-pie  felt.  Sad. And. It. Said. Boe -booch but. Itself got. Away.  From. All. The. Bye-bye,s. And. All. The.  Boe-booch. But they. Lived. Happily. Ever. After.the-end

Elijah gave his own review….”I made a cool story. It’s very long to read”

7 Responses to “Guest blogger – Elijah”

  1. I’m thinking Elijah has a pretty promising future as a science fiction writer. The periods after every word are extremely daunting… =)

    • Allison said

      I’m assuming it some sort of artistic expression…or he didn’t know how to use the space key on the iPod….let’s go with artistic expression..

  2. becks said


  3. Sounds like my Jayden’s stories…only he hasn’t figured out how to type yet. Kids have the wildest imagination..don’t you just love it!?! Ü

  4. Lourie said

    Now that is cool! Way to go Elijah!

  5. CorrieHowe said

    That’s funny. Either artistic expression or not knowing the space bar. Hahaha. I love his review after. It is a very long story for someone his age.

  6. foerchk said


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