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maybe i just didn’t notice…

Posted by Allison on January 31, 2010

I’m starting to wonder if maybe we just weren’t paying attention.  Here’s the thing, I am starting to think that maybe all this stuff that we have ‘discovered’ since moving to Germany isn’t all that exotic.  I have a feeling that I’m falling in love with things that I just didn’t notice when living in Canada.  Seriously.  When I would go to the grocery store I didn’t look around for new and exciting things.  I just bought the same old thing every week.  In fact I was REALLY boring, I would go to the grocery store with my list made from my menu and seldom would I vary from the things on my list.  It was a fiscally responsible way to grocery shop but it doesn’t leave much room for adventure.  Which is odd, because we are a VERY adventurous family when it comes to food, and clearly when it comes to life.  How did this thought just POP into my head.  Ketchup.  There are some pretty funky ketchup flavors over here.  There is curry ketchup (of course there is curry EVERYTHING) and hot ketchup which is a favorite of Em’s.  There is even Mcdonald’s ketchup sold in containers over here….which is good cause they charge you 0.19 for every damn pack of ketchup at Mcdonald’s I’ve just learned.  So this morning with my fancy pancy grilled cheese sandwich I had some hot ketchup on the side.

Of course it was with some duck flavoured ichiban that was quite hot, so I washed it all down with a Welde.

Lemongrass flavor, yumm-o!   Oh and it’s 2.2% alcohol so it’s like JUICE don’t judge me for having one before noon.

The rest of quiet Sunday will consist of us hanging out, playing in the snow and playing the wii.  I LOVE quiet Sundays!

Elijah explaining some crazy theory, I took his picture hoping it would shut him up, it didn’t….

Seriously if we end up in Germany for another year….I HAVE to get another counter!

7 Responses to “maybe i just didn’t notice…”

  1. Kathy said

    I always laugh at the amount of space Ketchup takes down an aisle here! Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. Lourie said

    We are creatures of habit. I am fairly willing to try new things…my family…not so much. Good for you for breaking the boring cycle. .19 for a packet of ketchup???? That’s crazy!

  3. Enjoying a lazy Sunday myself…and no matter how much counter space you…it will ALWAYS be filled Ü

  4. ahh so its not only here they are charging for the ketchup good nto know| i love quiet sundays 🙂

  5. Janet said

    Wow, 19 cents per packet of ketchup? I guess I’m lucky to live in the U.S. and get ketchup for free at restaurants! And my boyfriend eats so much ketchup, we’d go broke at that rate!

  6. Allison said

    Fortunately we’ve only eaten at McDonalds twice in the 6 months that we’ve been here…but I believe it’s every where…which quite frankly is probably a good thing. I imagine that back home (Canada) and probably in the States the amount of thrown away unopened ketchup is stupid high. Less chance of being wasteful if you pay out 20 cents!

  7. CorrieHowe said

    I know they tried purple ketchup here in the states for awhile. I don’t think it caught on. I love Germany. Where are you? I lived there one summer in the Black Forest region. I’d love to go back one day…after I visit Spain.

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