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A window into my week.

Posted by Allison on January 30, 2010

On the way to speech therapy on Thursday we have a tight trip so E-man has to eat his lunch on the tram.  I thought I would snap a picture with the phone to show how THRILLED he is with his salami sandwich.

Out the window I notice a sign for Whitney Houston who is playing in Mannheim.  No matter how big or how small the concert you will find it on a post.  Whitney’s is on the same post as the Erotic show that is also playing…..and the Nickelback shows are on posts too!

Bad picture but you get the idea.

I wish I got a clearer picture of these two.  I love old couples who hold hands.

Elijah has been excited for a WEEK to read to an audience at speech therapy.  He’s a very good reader and is now learning that reading to others is fun too.  Plus she was pretty so that helped.  I rarely see him get so excited about something as he did about reading to Lillian.  The picture is bad because I’m behind a one way mirror where I can hear and see Elijah’s sessions.

She was a terrific audience.  What I love was E’s comment on the way home.  “She was a spectator, and she had legs!”.  He’s very excited because the spectators on the Wii don’t have legs and this is of great concern to him.  Next to him is his speech therapist who he’s still got a mad crush on even though “sometimes she’s bossy, right Mom?”

On the way home from the weekly grocery shop we missed our fast bus so instead we took the tram into Seckenheim and grabbed the bus from there.  Good thing we did otherwise we would have missed this concert at the Rathaus.  We were guessing why they were performing but I think Scott might be right as Lent is right around the corner we think it’s tied into that.

*interactive part of the post*

I’m in the process of trying to come up with a domain name that ISN’T taken?!?!?!?!?  How frustrating that part of the process is…ugh.  If you have your own domain, how long did it take you to find one?  Are you happy with what you decided on? What would you have done differently (shorter/longer/spelling).  And when you finally got one did you just post a “i’ve moved” message or did you pay to have your original site redirecting to your new domain?

8 Responses to “A window into my week.”

  1. Wii people don’t look much like people, full stop. Great fun, though 🙂

    My domain name was an easy choice, but I don’t know what I would’ve done if it had been taken. You want something that’s easy to remember, and that (hopefully) won’t get confused with other sites. You definitely need to do a proper redirect, otherwise you’ll lose all the benefit of links you’ve already built up.

  2. Melissa B. said

    Oh, I remember those days! We always seemed to be in a rush. Some days, my youngest would have to nap in the car…that was the only way I could get anything done!

  3. Kathy said

    I love the the legless Wii people too funny. I think with carnival season come to an end shortly there is lots going on. My German teacher told me there is no carnival in Bremen mostly in the south where it is more Catholic region but next weekend there is a parade and such Samba carnival not sure it has anything to do with lent but the timing seems so. Have a wonderful weekend.

    • Allison said

      There was some demonstration going on in Heidelberg yesterday and whatever it was there was a HUGE police presence. I’m hoping to ask one of the German teachers on Monday what was going on!

  4. becks said

    I originally wanted It was just so perfect. But of course taken. I totally rushed the process b/c I’m impatient and bought a domain on and called it I don’t like weebly at all and I bought my domain through them, but they are just a third party reseller. So when I wanted to transfer that domain to bluehost it was way too much hassle. I don’t like livingwrightathome anyway b/c its too long. So I then just decided to be patient and take my time. I started all over at bluehost and came up with, but call it Wright at home.

    Is taken? Or do you just want something totally different?

    • Allison said

      yes, is taken, actually I saw on one host that it’s taken until September of this year but I’m not going to wait. It’s too long anyway and I can always use it as my tag line. I want something simply but fitting for me…..that’s tough.

  5. Deb said

    How about knitternatters. he he
    Couldn’t resist, you’re a knitter and you like to ‘natter’.

    I’m sure you’ll come up with something perfect for you.

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