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I don’t have enough time!

Posted by Allison on January 29, 2010

Here’s the problem with the internet blogging world.  There are some AMAZING blogs out there and i just don’t have enough hours in the day to read them all.  Seriously, there are blogs that I could stay and read for an entire day. And worse yet my interests are varied.  If I was just into ONE THING, maybe I’d stand a chance of seeing a large portion of what’s “out there”…but we all know that it doesn’t work that way with me.  I’m into knitting, we all know this….well knitter’s LOVE to blog.  I think it’s because our families are sick to death about hearing the latest and greatest in the world of knitting.  Our loved ones eyes glaze over when we start excitingly talking about a baby surprise sweater or the brilliance of knitting socks on not TWO but ONE circular needle!  And then there’s Bikram or even just yoga…there are so many interesting sites to read and videos to watch of the amazing yogini’s out there.  Last night I was watching Ida Ripley compete and I couldn’t tear myself away!

Oh and do you have ANY idea how many adoption blogs there are?  I love adoption blogs, the journey, the stories….I have a tender spot in my heart for the older child adoption stories but I also love reading adoption stories of gay couples.  There is a blog I’m currently reading of  an interracial gay couple who have the sweetest little girl. I could read those blogs for HOURS.

Then there is the expat world, people living out the adventure of living away from their home country, so many of those blogs because people are keeping a record of their travels and keeping in touch with family and friends back home.

Really it’s overwhelming.  So I tend to drink more red wine. Do you have ANY IDEA how many wine blogs there are????

In my never ending quest to NOT move to a foreign country and then just replicate everything we get back home, I introduce Cremino Weiße Creme mit passionsfrüchten. What? You ask? What the heck is that?  It’s my answer to peanut butter on my toast in the morning.  You see, up until this point I had some BIG ASS peanut butter containers that I’d shipped over to Germany. They are finished.  The peanut butter over here is sold in VERY small jars…. like 350 gram jars.  I know LOTS of people here who could go over to the American PX and get me a big jar of peanut butter but no.  That is NOT the point.  The point of moving to a new country is not to replicate the same damn thing you did in your own country.  The point is to immerse yourself in a new culture. What fun is it if I never learnt how to buy spices in German because I just went and bought them in English.  Why would I buy peanut butter with the words “Direct from the USA” plastered all over it?  By the way that little “direct from the USA” jab makes me think that the Germans only brought this product in because us North Americans couldn’t possible enjoy any of their refined breakfast foods, our palettes are just too immature.  I see them shaking their collective heads and thinking, “unsophisticated culinary infants”.  And so I bought my tiny little jar of peanut butter for the kids and I bought a jar of  Weiße Creme mit passionsfrüchten for me.  I feel very superior when I do things like this…

And holy shit is it delicious!  Creamy Passionfruity goodness….I can’t wait to try all the different flavours.  Days like this totally balance out the days I leap for joy in the Chinese market because I’ve found baking soda.

7 Responses to “I don’t have enough time!”

  1. I LOVE peanut butter too! I’d have to buy so many of those little jars. I went to Germany several years ago and loved it. Can’t wait to go back! Enjoy your time there! Stopping by from SITS!

  2. well, i came by from SITS to say hello…and i’m a bio and adoptive momma! you can imagine my surprise! it’s so funny! anyway, there are so many blogs out there and i kinda see it as a way to network and get support when needed…so, howdy to you!!!

  3. Cheryl said

    I totally agree there are way too many awesome blogs out there! And I totally have a soft spot for the adoption ones too 🙂 And food blogs, and a lot of stuff, haha…I throw em in my google reader and hope that I get to read them occasionally but it’s intimidating when I come back after a few days to like 70+ entries!

  4. peanut butter i have to say i never tried it and really it doesnt give me any enthusiasm to try it LOL but yes when i am in a country other than my own i love to immerse myself in their culinary delights

  5. So, I’m kind of already evolved in the “sandwich spread” department…we moved to Nutella about a year ago when Costco started stelling it by the gallon. Yum.
    And you are so right about the blog world…so many blogs, not nearly enough time! =)

  6. Cristina said

    So wait – you don’t have time for peanut butter?

    Kidding. I know what you’re saying. You are cheating on Peanut Butter for this chick Weiße Creme mit passionsfrüchten. How could you?




  7. anji said

    How about canadian chicks joining the army and training to go from 270 pounds to 170-ish blogs??? *laughs* Don’t forget those ones, haha!

    I love german words. They aren’t short, they join everything up together in one nice big ol’ lumpy word! “Can you please pass me the bigredpenthatwriteswithgreenink please??”

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