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I’m selfish and I’m proud of it.

Posted by Allison on January 24, 2010

In my never ending quest to find treats for the adults that the kids don’t like I present goat cheese covered olives.  Seriously the downside of having children that have diverse palettes is that they then like all the ‘treats’ that I do.   I have sushi eating kids.  They don’t even bat an eye at some fish egg filled goodness with squid. They just pop it in their mouths with a big YUM!  This is the way I wanted my children to be so I’m not complaining (well i am a little bit).  There is nothing that drives me crazy faster than someone who says “oh little johny underpants will only eat KRAFT macaroni and cheese, I can’t buy the store brand he just won’t eat it” .  Oh for fuck’s sake give back your diva card you lily livered caterer.  Yeah, I said it.  I don’t even care if I’ve offended some on you.  I’m busy being a Mom I don’t have time to be a short order cook as well.  I gave up a lot of things to be a Mom and dammit good food isn’t going to be one more thing I give in because someone who doesn’t even contribute to the bills thinks they are in charge.   Personally I think one of the most annoying things about us Mom’s is the whole martyr thing we get off on.  We sit there being all “let me give up my entire life and live completely selflessly and then wonder why our daughters can’t stand on their own two feet.  We refuse to do one thing for ourselves and then are shocked when our sons either go for a complete bitch (opposite of mom) or a pansy ass who can’t make  a decision for herself.  Oh and the we call it being selfless.  And then when we do one thing for ourselves we label it selfish and see it as a negative.  I do things for me all the time, because I’m a valued human being with just as much right to enjoy my life as those around me.  And no, wiping asses , folding laundry or even molding young lives isn’t enough to fulfill me, I need a good book or some knitting or yoga too.  Oh look I’m going on a tangent how unlike me….anyway back to the food thing.   The down side.  The downside is that when you give your kids a diverse pallette they steal all your fun treats. So finding a treat that my kids don’t like is a challenge and now I’m a happy camper.  They all tried the goat cheese covered olives and they all said, “nah, not a favorite”  Good….more for me!  Scott likes the goat cheese stuffed jalapeno peppers more so we get both and they can stay in the fridge until WE want them and no little buggers eat them before us!  I suppose I should add that I neglected to tell them that the green olives are stuffed with garlic in case they were willing to overlooked the goat cheese to get to the garlicky goodness…

Progress on the first baby sweater is quick.  Seems to me that baby knits are the perfect ‘at home’ knit (i like socks for the on-the-go knit because of ease of transport).  Baby knits are the fast little knit that gives almost instant satisfaction of a job well done.  Plus you can make a whole sweater in a few days.  Adult sweater on the other hand take FOREVER especially if they are in stocking stitch and in my case usually end up as vests or abandoned in my stash bag never to be seen again….

18 Responses to “I’m selfish and I’m proud of it.”

  1. Becks said

    LMAO… LOVE IT!! Totally agree. Love the terminology too hahahaha!! The olives look so very good. Too bad I can’t have goat cheese for a few more months. And as for doing things for yourself…I feel like that is in the rut I am in and Im breaking out of it no matter what it takes. You’re 100% right and it is why your kids will be able to survive in the real world and on their own two feet as adults. Keep preachin’!

  2. Emily said

    I almost can’t bring myself to type it, but…I’m so glad you found something your kids DON’T like! I have absolutely no patience for “kid food” though, so I’m also glad to hear it was a challenge.

    The sweater looks great!

  3. Kathy said

    Too funny! I love finding snacks my teen doesn’t like ….I don’t like to share! I love green olives. Sweater is so cute, I can only bravely knit scarves! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  4. Kristin said

    DUDE. Those sound delicious. And I have an uber foodie adventurous kiddo too. There isn’t much he won’t chow down on!

  5. OK~ Have to admit I did a double take at this post…I LOVE IT! Are you horribly disgusted that one of your readers (me) falls into that caterer card somedays?! I am getting better…good for you for finding a TREAT of your own!

    • Allison said

      Not horribly disgusted at all, maybe I’ll inspire the masses (or 14 people who read the blog) and macaroni and cheese will be outlawed. Believe me my kids have had their share….

  6. Kristinma said

    I’ll take the garlic, take the cheese, take the brine and leave the olives and there you have a fact of me! 😉
    I think I’m with Scott; I’d really like the stuffed jalapenos. I agree that parents often allow children to manipulate
    them and unfortunately, children then grow up thinking they “run the show.” Keep up the good eatin’ !!

    • Allison said

      I’m thinking it was the olives for the two little ones. I don’t care I’m just glad they don’t like it. Don’t get me started on Emmett and the whole smoked oyster debacle…

      • Kristinma said

        I want to know about the smoked oysters!! (Blech. I ate them once and couldn’t deal, though I love other smoked items:
        salmon, scallops, meats etc. Maybe I got a bad batch…)

  7. I absolutely love the title of your blog!! It’s so perfect. Your style of writing is also very engaging and entertaining. Thanks for being so open in your thought process 🙂 I can’t wait to read more!!


    • Allison said

      Hmm, not sure if you mean “my life as i know it” or “i’m selfish and i’m proud of it”…I’m going with both!

      • Hahah! I meant the blog as a whole, but the blog post title is pretty awesome as well! 🙂 Good luck with the upcoming post! I can’t wait to read it! It’s close to bed time on this side of the world. Cheers!

  8. lynda said

    Never got the point of ‘kid’ food. We have always served ‘german style’ bowls of everything in the middle and everyone helps themselves.

    But saying that.. the kinder Schokolade that I keep for the kids as an occasional treat, are often raided by Mr Dear Husband after everyone else has gone to bed!

  9. BLOGitse said

    Wow, WOW!
    That’s the way to say it! “…the whole martyr thing we get off on.”
    My mother has been a martyr and now I see how she regrets this and that in her life.
    We, women, should look at the mirror more often.
    What kind of boys and girls am I growing up? What kind of values/attitudes/responsibilities etc. they have and will have when adults?

    oooh I could go on an on…But I’m happy you know what you’re doing and not spoiling your kids.
    Have a great day!

  10. Shelly said

    I’m so glad my kids hate olives. So glad. And I agree–any parent who re-arranges their entire EVERYTHING because Junior put up a pout, needs to re-think themselves. I know someone who claims that all their kid will eat is grilled cheese sandwiches. I say, eventually, that kid will get hungry enough to eat whatever you put in front of them!

  11. Lourie said

    My kids are picky…but I DO NOT let them get away with only a mac and cheese diet 24/7. You eat what I cook is my motto. I like what you said about us moms thinking we are selfish when do for ourselves. It’s important for us to have something that is just for us. And no, butt wiping, nose wiping, puke cleaning, and laundry just don’t cut it. You are spot on!

  12. Cynfa said

    You are so one of my favorite people I’ve never actually met. I totally agree about the matyr crap and the kiddie food crap. I admit to doing some of both, but (1) I was never that bad and (2) I’m recovering myself. We jokingly asked my SIL how her 12 yr old was ever going to date since she only eats like 3 things and her mom has to make those. She was not amused, but assured us it was her job to make the kids (10 & 12) what they wanted when they wanted. Scary stuff. Me, I’m on step 4 of the 12 step recovery of myself program. Give me time…..

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