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A place to call my own.

Posted by Allison on January 20, 2010

Well my stepmother has found my blog.  I linked this bad boy up on facebook and realized that more than likely she’d hop on over.  She’s a pretty awesome gal but man does she have a ‘thing’ about swearing. This is evident by all the times she has stalked her grandkids on facebook and gives them a firm talking to whenever they drop and F bomb.

You guys know me, I swear a LOT.   I don’t sensor myself unless absolutely necessary, like i’m in a church.  I think I swore to my sons grade 1 teacher earlier today.  In fact I’m pretty sure I did, cause that’s how I roll.   I often use the excuse that I’m from Saskatchewan.  I wish it wasn’t true but the evidence is pretty stacked against us.  Saskatchewan chicks know how to swear.  Some of us choose not to but make no mistake we definitely know how to.  Well that and most of us at some point could drink a 400 pound man under a table.  This comes from no late night shopping until the 90’s and no decent television.  I would love to see a study of the kids in Saskatchewan with cable in the 80’s and their inability to hold their booze.  I’m just saying.

Further proof that my youngest child is a freak.


These are SOME of Elijah’s cars.  Most days they live in his room but lately they have been down here a lot.  They all have names.  They all have birthdays.  And heaven forbid one disappears between the couch cushions.  It’s almost like he can tell on site which one isn’t there and then he immediately NEEDS that one to play with.  He knows every name, age and birthdate of every car.

Not evidence of crazy ok, how’s this.

This is VANCOUVER.  I have no idea when he heard the name of the city or why he is stuck on the name but he has built ‘Vancouver’ out of lego.  And not only has he built it but there a certain traits of Elijah’s Vancouver that we must all hear about.  Such as what the cook is making…in the bakery.   Eli moves Vancouver from room to room.  He talks to all the people in Vancouver.  He loves Vancouver.  Just don’t tell him it’s a real city.  He won’t believe you.

I really think I have ADHD some days, I just realized the reason I started this post when I went to hit ‘publish’ and saw the title!  I’m thinking of getting my own domain name.   I really love some of the themes out there and wordpress though wonderful, doesn’t support uploading your own theme.  I think it’s time.  So I’m spending time learning about building up my blog traffic, getting my own theme, and moving up to the big time.  Comments and suggestions are welcome!

14 Responses to “A place to call my own.”

  1. Erin said

    Not to sound too Victorian – but your son sounds absolutely delightful. I’d let him tell me stories for hours!
    I used GoDaddy to get a domain name and RainyDayTemplates designed my blog template for Blogger. I hear that WordPress is better – but I don’t know what I’m missing and I’m super happy with my pretty template. I’m still trying to figure all sorts of things out (like how to use feedburner and why my sitemeter doesn’t count people visiting via twitter). I’m always looking for helpful blogs with tutorials!

  2. Kristin said

    Our lil’ dude is starting to try to imitate everything we say…so we’re trying to censor. Shiz is hard. Ah ha ha

  3. Paul Wynn said

    Now tell us .. how many times have you slipped on Eijiahs toys?

  4. Lourie said

    My son knows every car too. But he has yet to name them. Now, my daughters have Littlest Petshops and they all have names and personalities. All three know who is who. It’s fascinating and mind boggling. Elijah sounds hilarious and very entertaining. He’s adorable too!

  5. ccupid said

    As for your son being crazy, come on really who are you trying to kid?? Like really if the apple did actually fall far from the tree and manage to somehow roll down the hill and into the next town, there is no way that anyone who knows you would not know that he is your child. As to the other, the censorship and not knowing how to put a filter on you vocalizations, don’t… you would not be you and you and I both know how long it took for me to realize that being oneself is one of the best things that you can do for your family and yourself. Besides she knows we’re lost causes as far as that goes, she’s just trying to save the little ones. Love you sis.

    • Allison said

      Yeah, I know, I’m just me. I am beloved by the masses because of my sparkling personality. Besides me trying to keep ANYTHING in results in a a rift in the time/space continuum and I can’t be responsible for that…

  6. BJ_Mama said

    i LOVE that the cars all have birthdays! That’s great….besides, I think crazy is just a synonym for child anyway….or is it the parents fault. Probably option 2. I’d rather them be crazy than boring though 🙂

  7. lynda said

    Hmmm.. I recently decided to start mentioning my blog posts on my facebook page because of this weird idea that I have… if I want to be a published writer, then I am going to have to be transparent… really, its not like I will be able to stand at Borders and say “Hey, I remember you from high school… you were a geek… no geeks allowed to by my book ($24.99)… buzz off!” But (isn’t there always a butt)… I notice myself ‘curbing’ myself based on who I think might be reading… not sure that is a good thing. A boy can never have too many cars…or cars with names..or cars with names and birthdays…

    • Allison said

      Oh Lynda! I did a big post about why I blog and how it’s so therapeutic for me. I refuse to keep anything in on here. Dammit I’m 40 and if I can’t be myself on a space I created for myself then I haven’t done half the work I think I have. When you find yourself stopping yourself from writing something I think it’s EXACTLY what you need to write!

  8. Cristina said

    Seriously, our kids need to hang. My 5 year old took a belt from a sweater of mine and it became his bestest friend – we called him “shibby shabby”. Hell, I loved “him” so much we ate dinner with him. He had a personality – one that my son created…our boys sound like they are gifted and have quite the imagination. How do we escape from the occassional nuttiness of it? FBombs at the Grade 1 teacher, because shit happens.



  9. Rhonda Thiessen said

    Are you kidding me, anyone who has kids reads your post and finds it reassuring! My middle child runs around all day pretending to be Super Mario, nothing surprises me! Keep it comin’ Allison, we can handle it! I find it reassuring to swear more openly because my whole mantra since I turned 40 is “This is who I am, if you don’t like it, F*** it!”.

  10. your son look adoreable! as for the site no idea i am on blogger and i do get to change formats etc

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