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Happy Birthday Mr. Cupid

Posted by Allison on January 19, 2010

Today is my Dad’s birthday. Every year I write a little post either on his birthday, father’s day or the day that he passed. Just a little “shout out” to my Daddy.  I don’t want to commemorate the day of his death and I’ve given father’s day to my husband as it’s suppose to be a day of celebration but today it’s  his birthday and it seems a fitting day to give a little love. It’s been 4 years since my Dad passed and I can still hear his deep booming voice. I can still see him leaning on the railing at the front door of his house as we all headed out after New Years Day dinner. I can still see the pure joy in his eyes as he watched his grandchildren play soccer. I smile whenever I hear the word mosquito or sandwich  because I recall what his crazy accent would do to those two words. Best of all I relish in watching my oldest son, who is so much like his grandfather. The little mannerisms, the sense of humor, the quick but quiet wit and the sudden deep laugh that isn’t as easy as the others and just that much sweeter when you hear it. You see there are very few ‘quiet’ ones in my family and I know that Emmett got his demeanor not at all from me but from my father. They are so similar it’s frightening. Every so often Emmett will look at me a certain way and I can see my father living on through him. It may sound silly but in the winter last year, Elijah was on the school bus, I knew I would worry about it and yet I couldn’t ‘do’ anything.  So every day last  winter I sent him off to school wearing his Grandpa’s scarf.  It made me feel better.

When I was going through my divorce 14 years ago I wrote my Dad a letter.  I wanted to make sure that he knew how grateful I was for him, if not for the strength he showed all those years ago I don’t know if I would have had the strength to leave.  It’s weird to thank your parent for divorcing but  for my sake and the sake of my future relationships if really was the best thing. It was an extremely heart felt letter of thanks and I knew it meant a lot to him but not how much until after he had died.  You see when my Dad would go traveling with his beloved wife Gail he would hide  things that meant the most to him in old suits that were hanging in a closet on the 3rd level of his house.  He thought that “things” might get stolen but no one would think to look for his treasures in the pocket of an old suit.  The letter that I wrote him thanking him for being my Daddy was in one of those suits.  It was one of his most treasured items.  That thought has comforted me through the years he’s been gone because I know that not only did he loved me, more importantly I know that HE knew how much I loved him.  I made sure to put that letter where it belonged, with him, when he died.

Sadly today, all I can feel is the empty part in my heart. I miss him horribly. I miss him on his birthday more than any other day of the year, because it’s HIS day. He would have been 79. I would have teased him about his horrible graying mustache. I would have made a joke about his hair ring. I would have hugged him, and smelled him (my dad always smelled so good). Instead I will share my Dad with all of you.

Happy Birthday Dad!

20 Responses to “Happy Birthday Mr. Cupid”

  1. tattytiara said

    Your father sounds like a man worth celebrating indeed, because nothing speaks better of a parent than the love of their children.

  2. Kristinma said

    Happy Birthday Mr. Cupid ~ you have given the world an amazing legacy and I’m thankful to be able to share in it!


  3. Rhonda said

    Hey Allison, I’ve started reading your blog and I love it!! I always loved your hilarious sense of humour, which is why we were likely friends in the first place back in grade 6!
    This post is really beautiful, brought a tear to my eye. I lost the love of my life, my husband Dave, nearly 6 years ago now and I can honestly tell you I still think of him EVERY single day. When you lose someone you loved so very much it is the memories you always hold on to and it is great to share them, it kind of helps keep them alive. I also have two sons and one of them is an exact “mini” Dave…what a blessing!
    Rhonda Bate (McFarlane)

  4. Becks said

    This made me cry b/c it is special. I’ve never had that bond in my entire life and you’re so lucky to have experienced it. I love the part about the letters. That is so sentimental and sweet and just something special.

  5. Michelle said

    Ah Ally, now I’m sitting at work crying. Thanks a lot. LOL and thanks for sharing your Dad.

  6. Michelle said

    And dammit the one day I wear mascara! 🙂

  7. What a beautiful tribute to a man who obviously lives on through you and your children! Happy Birthday, Mr. Cupid! =)

  8. Dee said

    a beautiful tribute to a great guy….

  9. Herself said


    Beautiful and sad and sweet and wonderful all rolled up together!
    Thanks for sharing your dad with us!

  10. What a wonderful tribute…. thanks for sharing a small part of your dad with us.

  11. Gail Cupid said

    Thanks Allison for your heart warming tribute to my beloved Canute. Of course, you mentioned some of the things that we all remember him for and I was close to tears but managed to keep a lid on it. I’m at Kathy & Arnie’s today and mentioned to them at lunchtime that it’s Canute’s birthday today. Carlyle just called and said he was walking through WalMart today when they played the song, Cupid (draw back your bow) and he had to stop and collect himself or lose it. Putting “daddy’s” scarf on Elijah each day is just one of those things that does make us feel he isn’t so far away. I keep his Bible and his glasses on his bedside table and it just makes me feel better to know that they are there right where he would need them to be. I’m so grateful to have known the love of a lifetime and to have inherited the large family I always wanted. I know my extended family is large but I had always wanted to have lots of kids and now I do. Miss you lots, Luv you more, Gail

  12. Meech said

    Love this post Allison.

  13. Thanks Sis,
    I avoided reading this al day thinking I would be stronger later – good luck with that. As Gail said, part of my avoidance technique was to go shopping, first store the song Cupid. I could remember him singing it from when I was about 6. It took all I had to contiue shopping.
    Thank you for writing this, I have written very little since his obituary, guess its about time I started moving on, this will definitely help. Guess he lives on in you too, you have his power to inspire (or just annoy enough that people have to do something). Love Ya – Always

  14. Holly (Cupid) Breau said

    Sister…what a beautiful message about our beloved Daddy. All day today I told people it was my Daddy’s birthday and I had to keep reminding myself that he really is gone. Doesn’t seem possible that four years have passed. Just like you I miss his laugh, his smell, his “quiet” voice and many more things. I love that Elijah wears his scarf, Peter wears his big white bathrobe, I wear an old hole filled green sweater, Joel, Jacob, & all the big boys have a tie. Thank you for sharing your Daddy with me. When I was 12 years old I got the “Daddy of my Heart” he will always be lovingly remembered and sadly missed by all of us!
    Love you & Miss you lots,

  15. Crystal said

    Aww, that was such a great post in memory of your dad. That is so cute that you had such a great relationship with him. I love my dad, but never had a real close relationship with him. I always love hearing about daddy daughter relationships. How thoughtful of you to write him a note of appreciation. It’s probably a good feeling for you to know that you were able to express that to him before he died. I’m sure it brings a sense of peace on the days when you miss him most.

  16. Jackiefo said

    Hi, I just discovered your blog through SITS – very entertaining 🙂 Clearly, as I am on your blog at work instead of doing my work. Anyways – I enjoyed your post on your dad, it’s very touching and a nice way to honor him each year. Have a great day! Check out my blog if you can:

  17. Jackiefo said

    I just discovered your blog through SITS – very entertaining 🙂 I enjoyed your post on your dad – it’s a great way to honor him each year.

  18. Lloyd Preston said

    I must say, although I did not meet this wonderful man I feel I know him from all the wonderful words that have been spoken of him. I can see from the words spoken that he was loved very much by his family. I believe he was truly a man of God and he loved each one very much. I know Gail mentions him often and she loved him so much and certainly has missed him since he is gone.
    I wish I had had the privilege of meeting Canute as I am sure he added very much to each person he touched in his life. I am sure he is enjoying Heaven and looking down on his family.
    May God bless you each one as you remember Canute.
    Gail’s friend

  19. What a neat thing you were able to share with your father. My Dad ALWAYS smells so good..I’ve never heard anyone else refer to their dad that way like me. Thank you for reminding me how special Dad’s are.

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