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It’s MY SITS day!!!!

Posted by Allison on January 13, 2010

Oh my goodness. I’m so excited I can barely type. For the past (i looked back but don’t want to be a keener) while I have been a member of an amazing group of women called SITS which stands for the Secret is in the Sauce. This is an online group of women who support each other by visiting and leaving comments to encourage, embrace and exalt other bloggers. What a spectacular idea, right? I wish I’d thought of it…but I didn’t, so these fantastic women who did HEATHER & TIFFANY have found it in the hearts to feature ME today as the featured blogger. First off let me say a huge THANK YOU to them.

Next (oh no, I’m turning into Sally Field here) I’d like to thank all my regular readers for putting up with me and welcome all my new readers. Hope you enjoy your stroll around the old blog. A word of caution, if you venture off the select posts you may encounter some blue language. I’m a bit of a swearer. I’m originally from Saskatchewan….

In my little corner of the universe you will find I talk a LOT about yoga, knitting and red wine.  I am also a lover of broadway musical, good quality tv and movies.  I love to read almost all types of books and will admit that I got pulled into the twilight series late but enjoyed it immensely. In one month I can read candy fluff books, historical fiction, real life mystery and literature from Jane Austen or Toni Morrison.  I am the opposite of a book snob.  Same thing holds true for music, I LOVE Glee and their ability to Gleeify all genres of music.  My Ipod has the score from Wicked, Rent & The Lion King but also Queen,  Neil Diamond, Depeche Mode, Dixie Chicks and Eminem.  I’m not normal.  Never have been, never want to be….I’m a home-birthing, extended breast-feeding, cloth diapering hippy but at the same time I love hollywood gossip blogs and dream of being a published author some day.  This blog is a very important piece of my life and I’m honored you are choosing to  share some of your day learning a little bit about me.  Probably should have mentioned my family, oops. I live overseas (Germany) with my hubby and 3 kids. They are the reason for all the yoga, knitting, and red wine. Buckets of red wine.

I am supposed to pick my favorite 3 posts to best show YOU the reader who I am. Unfortunately I type like I talk, too much, imperfect grammar and  running off on a tangent so picking 3 was a bit of a dilemma.

1. I have a best friend. I have absolutely no idea why she’s still friends with me.
2. We though we were complete. Then this monkey joined us and now we are.
3. Halloween and not a Batman to be found. Normal isn’t normal in our house.

Oh and just because I’m living the dream and couldn’t resist, I spent a week in Paris and if you want to see Paris through my eyes (and a pair of the best boots on the planet) you can check out my Paris posts here.

227 Responses to “It’s MY SITS day!!!!”

  1. Heather said

    Hey – stopping by to wish you a happy SITS day! Love the way you write – will be back to visit again.


  2. Jeannie said

    Just wanted to say hi! Visiting from SITS!

  3. Hey! Happy SITS day!! I like not being normal as well. Keeps life fun and interesting! Great post.

  4. Hapy SITS Day and what a coincidence – yoga, knitting and red wine are three of my favorite things!

  5. Stopping by from SITS to congratulate on being the FB!

    Enjoy it!

  6. Hello! Stopping by from SITS. Congrats!

  7. Amanda said

    Happy SITS day! 🙂

  8. SITS Girls said

    Yeah! It’s your SITS day!

    This makes us so happy.

    Enjoy all the commenty goodness.

    Tiffany & Heather

  9. Wishing you a Happy SITS Day and a new year filled with happiness too! C 🙂

  10. Yeayyy!!! I love the sisterhood of it all. Well done, sister. 🙂

    I bet I know why your BFF is still friends with you, honey. Good people attract Good people.

    Sending love from Laguna Beach.

  11. Megan said

    Happy happy SITS day!!! Bask in the comment love! It’s so fun!

  12. Dawn said

    Visiting from SITS…

    I think you have my iPod! Can I get it back when you are finished… and please make sure the Twilight & Phantom soundtracks and all BeeGees songs are intact. Thanks!

    Seriously- someone else with an iPod with multiple personality disorder… makes me feel almost normal:)

    Enjoyed your posts and the langauge is fine… as long as Emily Post isn’t your intended reader, no worries!

    I’ll stop be again- adding you to my list now!

  13. Kathy said

    Hi Happy SITS day…..left message on wrong post oops!! Congrats on your SITS Day! Fellow American living in Germany…nice to know I’m not alone!

  14. Amy said

    Happy SITS day. I know the challenges of making costumes in a foreign land. Good job!

  15. Yay, another writer-and-knitter 😀 I like you already 😉

  16. Tinka said

    Stopping by from SITS and wishing you a Happy Hump Day 🙂

  17. Kristin said

    Happy happy SITS day to you!

  18. Enjoy your day in the spotlight! Stopping by from SITS to say hi!

  19. pchanner said

    Love your personality already. My hubby calls me his little hippie for my luv of cloth diapering, home birthing, babywearing self also.

    Happy SITS day.

  20. Congratulations and love your blog! Well done!

  21. BJ_Mama said

    WOW! We just may have been separated at birth….at least that’s what I’ve gotten from reading this post! Happy SITS day, girl!


  22. Congrats on your SITS day!

  23. Blond Duck said

    Happy SITS day!

  24. It’s nice to meet you! I’m envious of your trip to Paris. Ah, the food….

  25. Diar A. said

    Allison, congrats for being a featured blogger on the SITS website! You earn it, really 🙂 Well, maybe especially because of the Paris post 😉

    Happy SITS Day to you!

  26. typeamommy said

    Happy SITS day to you!!

  27. me am a yoga ethusiast too 🙂 congrats on your SITS day…I live in Malta so if you wanna hop by feel free 😛

  28. Bethp said

    Happy SITS day! What great things the SITS ladies said about you! Enjoy your day in the spotlight!

  29. Caroline said

    Congratulations on your SITS day . . . and I think I would like to see Paris! Off I go!

  30. elizabeth said

    Happy Happy SITS Day!Paris,yoga, red wine & knitting, now that’s my kind of girl!

  31. Happy SITS day!

  32. Herself said

    Congratulations SITSta! Hope you find many new friends today!

  33. bexy said

    Happy Sits Day honey! xoxox

  34. Yaya said

    Congrats on your SITS day!

    Yoga, knitting and red wine? I think we’re long lost sisters!

  35. T said

    Happy SITS day!

    A fellow Depeche Mode fan – WooooHooooo! Don’t see to many of us on here!

  36. You look like you’re full of spunk! Your iPod has quite a mix!!! Happy SITS day.

  37. Steph said

    Happy SITS day!

    Steph @ A Grande Life

  38. Joanna said

    Happy SITS day! Enjoy it!

  39. MeghanM said

    You sound like me with the hippy stuff but then reading Hollywood gossip! Happy SITS day!

  40. Jeannie said

    Happy SITS Day!!! Enjoy every moment of it!!

  41. Christine said

    Congrats on being the FB today. Hope you enjoy all the company:) We’ll try not to leave a mess. Well, a Big mess.

  42. Happy SITS day! Love the Parrot Costume!

  43. Mary said

    Awesome blog. Wishing you the best SITS Day Ever!

  44. Peggy Nolan said

    A very happy SITS day to you!

    I spent three years living in Germany…loved every minute of it…I became a little to fond of the beer (the darker the better) and bread…especially those large pretzels mit butter! I think I just gained 10 pounds thinking about them…

    Have a good one!


  45. you had me at wine and Glee!!!! Happy SITS day!

  46. Stacie said

    Happy SITS Day!

  47. Happy SITS Day!!! How fun! Bask in the glory. Very cute blog!

  48. judy said

    Good for you! Looking forward to reading your posts!

  49. Michie said

    Happy SITS Day! Enjoy your moment of fame you deserve it, your blog is awesome. : )

  50. Julie said

    Happy SITS Day to you! I love this intro of sorts, and can’t wait to read your 3 fave posts. I have been trying to figure out which ones I would link to. I am working on it. 🙂

  51. Lanie said

    Congrats on your SITS day! Hope it is a fabulous one!

  52. Kristal said

    Happy SITS day – enjoy it!

  53. congrats on your sits day!

  54. Pam said

    Happy SITS Day! Enjoy your day in the spotlight. BTW, I LOVE that you have such diverse interests. I don’t thing that makes you “not normal”, I think that make you very interesting!

  55. Elizabeth said

    Yay, featured blogger! I love your “autobiography”– especially that you have “Rent” on your iPod… I mean, who couldn’t love “Rent”?

    Off to read some of your favorite posts!

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  56. HAPPY SITS DAY!!!!


  57. Happy SITS day! Hope it is the best.

  58. Jen said

    Happy SITS day! I am a new knitter and crocheter so I am excited to see what you’ve written about knitting! Hope you enjoy your special day!


  59. Priscilla said

    Nothing wrong with some red wine and some broadway!

    Happy SITSday SITstah!

  60. Jenn said

    Happy SITS day, fellow Canuck!

  61. Paula said

    Happy SITS Day!!

  62. Kristinma said

    Happy SITS day??

    Sounds like something to do with hemorrhoids, really. 😉
    I love all your blog posts but esp those with pictures… they say one picture
    is worth a thousand words and you don’t really talk enough!


  63. Enjoy your SITS day!

  64. lynda said

    Holy crap… what happened here! LOL A couple of weeks ago I added you to my google reader, but you were swanning about in Paris (buying boots.. gorgeous gorgeous boots). In the same week I signed up for SITS too… but then xmas came and went….. and suddenly I feel like I know a celebrity. Congratualations. Must be fantastic to have 60 comments!

  65. Mama Bird said

    I too love GLEE and wine makes me happy! Happy Sits Day to you!!

  66. Shell said

    Happy SITS day!

    Great post about your bff. I’ve had mine since we were in preschool together.
    And what a special thing you did in expanding your family.
    Needles in the post office? Who would have thought!

  67. BLOGitse said

    Happy SITS day!
    I’m an expat from Finland, lived almost 2 yrs in Cairo.
    Enjoy your special day!

  68. Julie said

    Good morning! Happy day. I like the simplicity of your blog. I’m living all my High School fantasies through Glee. Great show, now if it will just come back on! 🙂

  69. Okay, this is my second comment here, but I just wanted to say I really, really enjoyed my visit!

  70. Kmama said

    Happy SITS day. I just read through your “best posts” and they are great. I’m impressed at the parrot costume and humbled by the post about your daughter.

  71. Congrats on your big day! Enjoy the love.

  72. Sandy said

    Congrats on your SITSday! Have fun! 🙂

  73. Jessica said

    Happy Sits Day!! 🙂

  74. You are so funny!!!

    Happy SITS day : )

  75. B said

    Happy SITS day! Great blog!

  76. Here’s to you and having a wonderful day in the spotlight! Great job SITSta!

  77. Salt said

    Yoga and wine!? You are like my soul mate! Congratulations on your SITS day!!! 🙂
    (And I love love love love those mittens you knitted in the post below!)

  78. Natalie said

    Happy SITS day!

    I have Popular stuck in my head. The show was FABULOUS!!!

  79. Your blog is totally cute. Wow, Paris! Fantastic! Thanks for sharing and congrats on being the SITS featured blogger today.


  80. Shelley said

    Congrats on being the FB today! Enjoy your day 🙂

  81. Dawn G. said

    Love, love, love Glee!! Happy SITS day-enjoy!! Off to check out your blog and Paris!!

  82. Jamee said

    Happy SITS day! Enjoyed your posts!

  83. Stopping in Via SITS.. great blog!! I love reading the blogs featured on sits, such a great way to find new reading material!!

  84. Jenny said

    Happy SITS Day. We love Glee, too. My husband bought me the Glee CD’s for Christmas. Funny! And I like your writing style.

  85. Bean said

    Fun Times! Happy SITS Day to you! 🙂

  86. Miranda said

    Hi! I am new to SITS and I am stopping by to say hi! Congrats!

    • Allison said

      thanks for stopping by on my SITS day! I really enjoyed all the comment love, I tried to pass some along but your blog link wouldn’t work 😦

  87. Congrats!

  88. Meems said

    Hey, there is *nothing* wrong with being a keener. NOTHING, I say. 😛

  89. Lottie said

    Hey Enjoy your SITS day

    Great site xxx

  90. Carla said

    Happy SITSday!!!

  91. vickie said

    Hi! Congrats on being SITS FB!! I like your spunk and hippie’ness’. LOL I bookmarked you & will be back 🙂

  92. anne said

    what a lovely site you have and Paris sure sounds fun about now, I’ll go check it out! anne Happy sits day to you!

  93. Leigh said

    Happy SITS day. You are my sister from another mister!

  94. Ooooh.. It looks like I’m going to have fun reading here!

    Happy SITS Day!

  95. Michelle said

    Happy SITS day!

  96. Alison said

    Happy SITS day to you!!!!!

  97. sara7180 said

    Happy SITS day to you — wish I could send you a bottle of red!

  98. Kriste said

    Happy SITS day!!!

  99. Brandy said

    Too cute! Have a wonderful day because today is YOUR day SITSta!!!

  100. Mel said

    Congrats on your SITS Day! Now I’m gonna have a look around your blog.:)

  101. Happy SITS Day! I hope your day is wonderful!

  102. Joanie M said

    Popping in from SITS to say Congrats on your special day! Now I’ll go check out your favorite posts!

  103. Carrie said

    Yippee! It’s your SITs day. Happy Happy Day to you!

  104. Happy SITS Day! I can’t wait to have a look around! Enjoy your day!

  105. Sounds like my ipod too!

  106. Mary Ginty said

    LOVE your Paris boots girl!!! =)

  107. Joanne said

    Love Yoga actually looking for a class locally, till then it’s all online. Also love belly dancing, Have you tried that? Anyways I am new to the SITS thing but happy SITS day, I can only imagine how excited you must be. 🙂

  108. Kearsie said

    I shall be the 108th person to wish you a Happy SITS day!

  109. Mary said

    Just read your blog about your best friend. I love it. Have a great day and thanks for blogging.

  110. Stopping by from SITS!! Enjoy your day!(and those are some great Paris boots!)

  111. Happy SITS day and congratulations!

  112. Congrats on being the lucky one today. SITS truly is a wonderful place.

  113. Your inbox is going to be SO full after today!
    I hope you get lots and lots of comments!
    Aren’t the SITS girls the best?
    I love this website! AWESOME!

  114. Joanne said

    Congrats on being the FB over at SITS. Can I just say that I LOVE your music choices – the only one out of the list I haven’t heard is Rent. And I actually got to see Wicked in NY – it was awesome! I might read Twilight one day when the hype has calm down about it, but right now my friends are so head over heels that I just run from the series. I actually found a book for my BFF that you might be interested in called “Addicted to Twilight: Confessions of a Twilight Mom” at

  115. Back again after stopping by too early! Enjoy your day!!

  116. Sandra said

    Happy SITS Day!!! I know you’re excited. I’m reading the Friday Night Knitting Club. YOu might like it with a glass of red wine on the side. Come visit.

  117. Valerie said

    HAPPY SITS DAY!!! I’m off to enjoy the peace and quite (ya right) while I sip my smoothie, and read all about you and yours. Oh and cloth diapers ROCK!!!

  118. Jo said

    Congratulations on being SITS featured blogger. Your enthusiasm comes across in your writing — and is quite refreshing!

    Enjoy your special day!

    From another ‘wine drinking from buckets’ enthusiest,
    ‘The End Of the Rainbow: Life After Bankruptcy’

  119. joy said

    Congrats on your SITS day!

  120. Congrats on your SITS day in the spotlight! The older I get, the less I’m sure what ‘normal’ is. So from one abnormal gal to another, Happy Wednesday.
    Hey, isn’t Glee on tonite? Love that show. Wish every show had singing and dancing. Could you imagine? CSI? Grey’s Anatomy? NCIS? Hmm, think it would add a little sumpin-sumpin, don’t you?

  121. Apryl said

    Happy SITS day – enjoy your time as featured blogger!

  122. Stopping in from SITS, Happy Feature Day!!! Love yoga, wine, Glee and I also was a cloth diapering mama (and actually made a few) we have a lot in common, so glad I got to meet you! Hope you get lots of bloggy lovin today 🙂

  123. Congratulations on your SITS day. Thank you for sharing the story about your daughter, she is beautiful.

  124. Brooke said

    Happy SITS day! Loved the post about your daughter, and your fashion sense.

  125. Beth said

    Happy sits day!

  126. Darcel said

    I love the post you dedicated to your daughter. How sweet! She looks like a very happy young lady.
    We hope to be able to adopt someday.

    Congrats on your SITS Day!

  127. Joanne said

    You’re so fun! I LOVE me some red wine, yoga, and knitting! Hope you’ll check out both my personal blog and my crafting blog where I share knitting adventures and more! Happy SITS day, friend!

  128. Miranda said

    Congrats on the SITs award!!
    You. Are. Awesome!

    Gonna have to come back and read more.. you is a funny lady, Lady!

    *hugs from a crocheter to a knitter* I understand the “dagger-eyes” in your 2nd post – been there done that!


  129. Joy said

    Happy SITS Say! Great blog!

  130. Wishing you a very happy, happy SITS day!

  131. Lora said

    Happy SITS day! You seem like my kind of people–not normal and loving it!

  132. Congrats on your day – and for the curious here – I’m going to see the Paris posts first!

    Happy SITS Day!

  133. Molly said

    Visiting from SITS! Congrats on the day, you have a great blog!

  134. Jesslyn said

    Happy SITS day! Hope you get lots of comment love. Having fun poking around your site! 🙂

  135. Krysten said

    Just stopping by to wish you a very happy SITS day! Congrats!

  136. Lourie said

    Happy SITS day! Congrats to you!!

  137. Happy SITS Day!!!

  138. Happy SITS day! I look forward to reading more from your blog!!

  139. Happy sits day!

    Gotta love a girl with a good love of red wine. And I hope to come up to speed on the knitting front – got some stuff for Christmas, but have yet to break into it… Nervous…

  140. Crys said

    Happy SITS day! We have some things in common. Im not normal either and like a lot of music, and books. Also, I lived in Germany for four years AND spent some time in surrounding areas such as Paris! Have fun over there!

  141. Happy SITS day!!! Red wine and Twilight?? I like you already! 🙂 I look forward to reading the posts you chose!

  142. Jenny said

    Happy SITS day! Who needs normal anyway! I look at it as being cultivated. : )

  143. Julie said

    Happy SITS day!

    Love the way you just write whatever is on your mind, great blog! 🙂

  144. Helene said

    My family is far from normal too…my iPod music list looks a lot like yours. My husband laughs when I make him listen to it…one minute we’re listening to a Neil Diamond song and then the next song is an Eminem song.

    Congrats on your SITS day!!

  145. CCW said

    oh, SQUEEEE! You had me at “opposite of a book snob,” reeled me in with “gleeification,” and by the time I realized we’re both “not normal” I was already in love. Haven’t even read another word and I’m already following, SITSa 🙂

  146. Annie said

    Congratulations on your SITS day!!!!!!!!!

    Nice blog, is my first visit.

  147. congratulations! stopping by from SITS

  148. Young Wife said

    Happy SITS Day! Nice to meet you!

  149. Sevi said

    I enjoyed all three of your posts! HAPPY SITS DAY!!!

  150. Jill said

    Just read your Paris post…I’m going in May and can’t wait! Enjoy your SITS day! Off to read the rest.

  151. Marlynn said

    Happy SITS day! I LOVE your Paris posts…and those boots are amazing!!

  152. jaz said

    hi…just popped over from sits. cute halloween costume! i love that you swear. me too!!!

  153. Happy Featured SITS Day!! Congrats and Enjoy. I love your statement, “I type like I talk, too much…” LOL. BTW, I now follow you on Twitter too.

  154. Happy SITS day, well done and enjoy.

    I am also a huge Glee fan as well

  155. Crystal said

    Congratulations on your SITS day. Love your posts, you’re a great writer. Wish I could be living in Europe. I lived in Germany for 18 months, and loved it. Ever since then, I’ve longed to go back.

  156. Stopping by from SITS. Congrats!

  157. Hey there! I came to your site through SITS. Of the four posts you shared I’ll have to say the one about your daughter was probably my favorite. (though I am really curious to know about needles at the post office!)

    Congrats on your big SITS day!!!!!!

  158. Kristin said

    Congrats on your SITS day! Just from this first post, you sound a lot like me – swear a bit, ramble, spellnig and grammar are less than perfect. Love it! 🙂

  159. Jayde said

    Congrats on your Feature! Have a great day!

  160. HAPPY SITS day! How exciting!

    Can’t wait to read more about yoga and red wine…and maybe even knitting since I keep thinking I’ll take it up 😀


  161. Wow – that is great.

  162. Hooray! Congratulations on being the featured blogger!!! Dropping by from SITS to say, “hello”. It is nice to “meet” you. Best wishes in 2010.

    Kindest regards,

  163. Bree said

    Happy SITS day! I’m a HUGE reader and lover of Glee myself. Can you believe that Glee is gone until April?!

  164. I’m new to SITS and wanted to stop in to say “Congrats” on your special SITS day! You sound like one huge oxymoron which I happen to absolutely LOVE so I can’t wait to read your posts and get to know more about you! I mean, a hippie who also loves Glee? Yay! =)

  165. WOOHOO!!! Happy SITS Day Girly!!!

  166. mrsbear said

    Visiting from SITS, off to read. Happy Day to you. 🙂

  167. MARIE COLE said

    Happy SITS day, I am looking forward to reading what you have to say. 😉

  168. wendiwinn said

    yay sits day!

  169. Nana said

    Congrats on your big day!!

  170. Etta said

    Congratulations on being the featured blogger! I know how you feel about being wordy. Sometimes I feel like I ramble so much and people don’t want to hear it.

    Visiting from SITS..

  171. WOOHOO! Its your day! Congrats and soak up all the bloggy-love!

  172. Tanya said

    Hey girl! Congrats on being the SITS feature! I studied in Paris for a semester a few years ago, and can’t wait to read through your blog about your time there!


  173. Janet said

    Stopping by from SITS. I too love yoga, knitting, red wine, and Glee! I must read more…

  174. Heather said

    Hope you are having a wonderful SITS Day!

    Your Ipod sounds just like mine!

  175. Congratulations on your SITs day!! I hope you are enjoying your day in the sun:-)

  176. K said

    Congrats on your big SITS day. I hope it’s everything you dreamed it would be.

  177. Romy said

    I am a oenphile and LOVE Musicals and Glee 🙂 Happy SITS Day, enjoy!

  178. Cheryl said

    Happy SITS day! I’m kinda in love with your blog, haha. I love Glee and your adventures sound so much more fun than mine! Plus, c’mon, you made an awesome parrot costume!! So cool 🙂 Ok, back to look around your blog!

  179. Anitra said

    Hope you’re enjoying your SITS day!!!

  180. Sandy said

    Happy SITS Day! I have to say that I do LOVE your blog. You have so much to say and I agree with it all.

    Enjoy the attention! I might just stick around permanently!

  181. A terrific SITS day to you. How can I resist going off to read about Paris!

  182. Happy SITS day! Enjoy 🙂 You have a great blog!

  183. Audrey said

    Happy, happy SITS day! I like people who don’t fit the mold. Now that I think about it: do any of us? Plus, yoga and knitting…sounds like my cup of tea!

  184. Happy SITS Day! Congratulations!! I love the quote you have on the post below, “go sell crazy somewhere else…” I just used that in a post myself last week. Way to go!

  185. Stopping by on your SITSday! Wonderful blog! Loved your “friend” story…

  186. Sammy said

    I like your Parrot costume! Too Cute!

  187. Good for you! Congrats! Great blog!

  188. katie said

    Coming by from SITS! Great posts! I loved the one about your daughter!I have dreamed about taking a child in my home too. I am getting married in March, and I hope that it is in the cards for us some day. What a huge heart you have!!!
    Totally enjoyed reading it!

  189. Nikki said

    Congrats on your SITS day!!! I loved reading your post!! I think that is really awesome that you do yoga and home birthing and cloth diapering. I also practice, and if we are blessed to have a child at some point (hopefully soon) we want to natural birth and cloth diaper. very cool! i’m off to take a look around at the rest of your stuff:) talk to you soon!

  190. Stacie said

    Happy SITS Day! Enjoy your day.

  191. Alex said

    Love it! Love to read blogs from overseas (and from girls who drink buckets of red wine!)

  192. HAPPY SITS DAY! Congratulations on your special day. I LOVE what you have on your iPod. What’s cool is so do my daughters and they are 17 and 15!

    I’m stopping by from SITS! I just wanted to share a bit of comment l♥ve! I am hosting a really cool Pay It Forward Give-Away! I’d love for you to stop by and check it out!

    I hope the rest of your week is absolutely amazing!

    Teresa <

  193. Congratulations on your SITS day : ) I am so super excited for you! Yippee!

  194. T said

    Congrats on your special day 🙂

  195. Tammy said

    Happy SITS day…heading over to become a follower. I am new to blogging so stop by and say hi sometime. I love new followers :)! Can’t wait to check out your blog and hang out.

  196. YAY!! Happy SITS day! Hope you have a good one!

  197. Happy SITS day! Yay! Fist pound! Happy Dance!

    Will have fun checking out your blog!

  198. Kim said

    Happy SITS day! Your “Double Digits” post was touching! Girls are fun!

  199. Congrats on being featured. You are a very interesting woman.

    It was nice to meet you!

  200. Congrats on being featured today! 🙂

  201. Cougs said

    Congrats on your SITS day. Hope it’s all that is imagined! Going off to play on your site now.
    – Cougs

  202. susan said

    Women supporting and inspiring other women–Good idea!! Happy SITS day and congrats!

  203. Congrats and Happy SITS day! Mine was yesterday! It must be exciting to live abroad – I’ve lived in the same town all my life! Off to read your posts, and nice to meet you!

  204. Happy SITS day! And congratulations too! I look forward to reading more of your blog.

  205. Julie said

    Happy SITSday — I loved reading all about you and am about to go back and read some more!


  206. tattytiara said

    Well howdy fellow Canadian! My mother was a Saskatchewan girl who grew up to live in Germany for a spell too.

    Love the post about your beautiful daughter.

    Enjoy your sits day!

  207. Shawn said

    Congrats on your SITS day—lucky you—-Paris! Have a great day!!

  208. Shell said

    Unfortunately I only get to check email at night. So I’m lucky # 207 commenter and all I want to say has already been said. But I do love the way you write on your blog. Glad to have found you due to SITS! Congrats! Look forward to reading more of your blog. SITS is great, isn’t it?!

  209. Lynn said

    Congratulations!!! Happy SITS Day to you!

  210. Happy SITS day. Your kids are beautiful and your blog has such a great tone — a sense of humor and pride, but also sense that you don’t take yourself too seriously.
    Great post about your daughter and the one about your son’s costume choice cracked me up. Great job. Now going back to staring at stories about Haiti. Then giving my kid extra hugs tomorrow.

  211. elzimmy said

    Happy SITS day, enjoy the spotlight!!

  212. Sarah said

    What a great entry…Happy SITS Day!!!!!
    PS–love your boots=)

  213. April said

    Happy SITS day!

  214. Brandie said

    I love Paris…and your boots! Congrats on your SITS day!

  215. Susan said

    Happy, Happy SITS down…boots from Paris…gotta check that out! Love your enthusiasm…it’s contagious! 🙂

  216. Kirsty said

    Happy SITS day!! Those boots are WICKED cool girl.

  217. Happy SITS day!! *Love the boots* 😀

  218. Amanda said

    Happy SITS Day!


  219. Missy said

    Congrats on your SITS day!

  220. Happy SITS day and congratulations on being the blog of the day!

  221. Nicolasa said

    I hope you enjoyed your SITS Day! I am catching up on my reader and wanted to check out your blog! You sound like fun!

  222. Maria said

    Congratulations on your SITS DAY! Hope you enjoyed it!

  223. Amber said

    I’m a bit late but I wanted to say…. CONGRATULATIONS on your SITS Day! 🙂

    Your description of yourself makes it sound like we could be long-lost twins hehe.

  224. Jessica said

    Happy SITS day (a little late)!

  225. Emalee said

    Hope your sits day was GREAT! I knowI am a bit Late I am trying to catch up for the week!!

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