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Go sell crazy somewhere else…

Posted by Allison on January 12, 2010

We’re all stocked up here. Such is life at our house and why there has been a slight drop off in posts as we get back to school and work. No apologies just an explanation. Oh that and I’m making Nads some Bella mitts and apparently I can be motivated by a 10 year old staring daggers at me when I do anything except KNIT.HER.MITTS!
I finished one while waiting for the E-man at ergotherapie today but I had no camera so I took a shot with the phone and just now uploaded by bluetooth. Remember when you had to get up to change the channels of the tv? OOO or when the first remotes came out and they were actually ATTACHED to the tv with a cord? Ah the good old days. Back to the mitts….I was very worried that I would run out of yarn but 100g is exactly right for her size. Well it’s 2 50g balls held together. The mitts are nice and dense and the perfect size. I’ve cast on the second mitt and should be finished by the weekend if I don’t piss around.

And this is how much is left of the first two skeins….just made it.

Watched As Good As It Gets in Paris last week with L. Forgot how damn funny that movies is…I’m now using Melvins line about crazy every chance I get. My other favorite quote from the movie is “People who talk in metaphors oughta shampoo my crotch.” Doubly funny because as many of you know…I talk in metaphors a LOT. Hello? Spoiled milk story? Well that’s more of a cautionary tale with hyperbole than a metaphor…

ANYWAYS…..I posted some pictures of my husband on facebook this weekend. Wow. Apparently when you go away for months lose tons of weight and no one knows about it then reappear, people go a little crazy. Such is the case with my mister. Now I’ve dropped a ton too but since I’m a little crazy with the facebook I’m constantly posting so people have seen a gradual reduction and hence it hasn’t registered as much so they feel no need to mention it. At least that’s what Scott said in hopes that I wouldn’t fall into a PMS depression and stop putting out.

This is him when we were flying out of Calgary and when we first arrived in Germany. I didn’t TRY to find really bad pictures of him, I’m not that petty, well yes I am but NOT in this case. This is just him on a regular day.

Okay….wait for it……

This is him this past weekend.

He knew he’d lost weight, all his clothes are tonnes to big but I don’t think it really registered until he saw these pictures, in fact I know it didn’t. I know this because his response when I mentioned that perhaps seeing these pictures was the first realization that he is in fact a lot smaller than he was? He said “yeah, I noticed I can’t rest the remote on my stomach anymore.”
At least he’s still losing his hair….otherwise I’d have to put a pillow over his face while he slept.

34 Responses to “Go sell crazy somewhere else…”

  1. Kristi said

    once again i want bella mittens.. point me to someone who knits here….cause it sure as *bad word* ain’t me!

  2. OOoo, love the gray mittens!! I’m totally loving gray lately.

    Congrats on your SITS day!!

  3. Happy SITS day! I am envious of your knitting skills, I can only knit a scarf, but I’m working on it! Congratulate your hubby on his weight loss! How much did he lose?

  4. Heather said

    Happy SITS day. Congrats to both of you on losing weight it can be a tough battle, but I’m proud even though I don’t know you. 🙂
    -Heather @

  5. I want to knit those little gloves where your finger tips stick out! I can do hats, scarves, and shawls!

    Congrats on the weight loss. I’ve started exercising and dieting – it’s hard work!

  6. Paige said

    Congratulations on your SITS day! Hope you have a great Wednesday.

  7. Dawn said

    I love the fact that your Hubbie knew he lost weight because of the remote! LOL

    Happy SITS day!

  8. Teri said

    Popping by from SITS – they posted early and I’m guessing your main day post isn’t even up yet! But I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

    I the before and after pics you can totally tell there is a loss!!

  9. Alex said

    My knitting skills finish at scarves too…could never remember how to end them so they’d go on for miles 🙂

    Congrats on your SITS Day!

  10. Kimberli said

    Ok! You totally made me laugh out loud with the pillow!

  11. I totally need to learn how to knit. Or suck up to someone who does! Love the mitts!

    As for the pillow – hilarious.

    Stopping by from SITS – am glad I did!

  12. Yeah!! Congratulations on your day!!

  13. One of my FAVORITE lines from one of my favorite movies! Loved this! Congratulations on the SITS feature. I can see why.



  14. Have a wonderful SITS day!! Love your blog!

  15. Those mittens are so chunky and gorgeous! Well done

  16. Joanna said

    Happy SITS day to you!!!!!

  17. Kimberly said

    Happy SITS day!

  18. Cindy said

    Congratulations on your big day! Happy SITS day! I look forward to reading your blog more in the morning! Enjoy your special day!

  19. A2Z said

    love the mittens. Seems like you travel a lot. I do to. You can check my blog at Anne-Mariewithadash. I was trying to find your profile. Anyway you can check mine. I love how you tease your husband. Do you speak French by any chance?

  20. Lacie E said

    doesn’t it suck how much faster men can drop the weight lol. happy sits day

  21. Julie said

    Hope you have a great SITS day! Love the (almost) mittens 🙂

  22. Hey there, happy SITS day! It looks like you’ve got a lot to celebrate today! Congratulations!

    Have an Extraordinary Day!

  23. Congrats on Hubby losing so much weight!

    Happy SITS Day!

  24. Megan said

    Good for you and your husband!
    I wanna lose weight for a wedding I’m gonna be in this coming summer, but sadly I have no motivation!

  25. Always love gray, and it’s not just my last name — it’s a soothing neutral color….happy SITS day to you. Excy lost weight but it turned out his colon was twisted, resulting in emergency surgery on Christmas Eve, and my being able to say without a doubt that he had been full of shit before (groan)…..

  26. Susan said

    Happy SITS Day! This makes me want to start back knitting!

  27. Olga said

    so funny!!! He is a thin thang!! Congratulations on your SITS Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Kathy said

    Happy SITS day! Nice to meet you, I’m also an American living in Germany. Nice to meet you!

  29. Tina Lane said

    LOL! I understand about the smothering with the pillow. Since I moved in with the Hubs five months ago, and have been cooking his meals, he has lost 25 pounds. I think I have gained 10. My workouts as of late have been fueled by disgust.

    Stopping by from SITS.

  30. I am smitten for the mittens! You are amazing with the knitting, and fabs on the hubs weightloss. A great accomplishment. Also happy SITS day!

  31. sana said

    we can all use some mittens right about now!

    happy sits day!

  32. Shelley said

    Happy SITS feature day!
    Wow, funny & you knit! I think I’m jealous.
    Love the quote about your husband knowing he lost weight because he couldn’t rest the remote on his stomach. He’s pretty funny too!

  33. catnappin said

    Happy SITS Day! 🙂 I love your mittens! I do alot of crocheting myself, using differnt types of materials, hmm I think I might just take the time and make myself some mittens for the winter season!
    <3Janice Mae

  34. Rhonda Thiessen said

    Okay Allison, we’re both on the same page, we all hate Scott for losing weight and not really realizing it. Loved the pillow comment, way less messy than poisoning his food! Ha ha!

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