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Sometimes you just have to get away.

Posted by Allison on January 10, 2010

And let me tell you, Paris fit the bill. Talk about coming at the perfect time! I had a long standing plan to go to Paris for a week to meet L when she was over from Canada. It seemed so far off for so long and then bam! it was time. I left buying my ticket too late and ended up in first class on the way to Paris because of a lack of seats. It really didn’t occur to me that the train would sell out. Silly me, of course there are people going to Paris all the time, and now I know why. What a delightful city. The buildings are spectacular and the language is a delight to the ears. The difference with hearing French and not understanding and hearing German and not understanding is night at day. French is oddly familiar….like you can JUST about get what they are saying. After all my years of French in school there was something comforting about hearing French all around me. Of course in Canada you hear French all the time even if you don’t realize it, so it’s ‘right there’. Within a day the limited French I do have came back to me, I was at least trying to say things in French.

The Bikram studio was such a welcome relief. Once I stepped in the room I knew that I had missed it more than I thought possible. I was almost crying by the end of the first breathing exercise. I enjoyed the first class more than any other class because I was practicing with such gratitude. Even the sweet little French girl who was having a bad day beside me couldn’t steal my piece. I finally understood what people have been saying for years. It’s only yoga. Enjoy it. The second class I took was a French speaking class and the fun in that is the meditative way that the class just flows. Couldn’t understand so I just practice and enjoyed the class. The third and final class before coming home was bittersweet. I enjoyed it but was very mellow knowing it’ll be months before I can practice in the heat again. The instructors in Paris are amazing and I highly recommend anyone who happens to be in Paris check out the studio. C’est magnifique!

i can see that the shopping in Paris could quickly become overwhelming. I had a clear idea in my mind what I wanted. I wasn’t going to be pulled into buying just for the sake of buying. THAT would be very easy, trust me. I know the temptation would be to buy just because i’m in Paris but we don’t know where we will be next year and there is no need to buy more winter stuff if we’re going to be tropical for the next few years. And besides that I took very serious stalk when we had so much stuff in the house when we left Canada. I’ll never have that many ‘things’ again. It doesn’t fill me up, it just fills up space. So back to the shopping. Paris has two government controlled sale seasons per year and we arrived just in time for the one in January. Nice. I wanted to pick up just a few core pieces but the most important item was a pair of boots. One day while lost and wandering we stumbled into a little store and found the sweetest most perfect pair of boots I had seen to date! In my size, in the right colour, comfortable, nice wedge heel. Oh Paris, thank you!

The sites of Paris. Now I know there are people who can’t imagine visiting any place and not seeing all the sites. I’m not one of those people. I love a holiday that when i’m done I come home rested. I don’t feel the need to see things just to say I did. I like to let my travels unfold organically. It’s hard to find travel companions with similar travel styles and no one is never 100% compatible but there is nothing worse that different expectations when traveling with another person. What a delight to find out that L and I travel with the same intention! We are able to do things together or separate, no whining or pouting, no drama….I felt it would be that way but one never knows until you have actually travel. Who amongst us haven’t had that horrible travel experience, mine involved a 6 am jolt from an alarm clock and a travel companion who had a list of sights for the day (and the remaining 7 days, in alphabetical order) I would happily travel with Miss L anywhere. We were able to laugh at each other and our selves, we were able to be honest and forth coming about feelings and issues and we were able to get to the bottom of a bottle of wine in no time flat. Now THAT’s my kind of travel buddy! I learnt some truths on this trip.

1. I’m not as big as I think I am. L – “You need a belt.”

2. L can make me belly laugh until I almost pee my pants. Me – “I need to talk to you about your control issues.” L- “Get in line”

3. Parisians tell it like it is. Instructor to L as she got dressed after yoga – “It looks like your going to another yoga class” Second part of that lesson is yoga pants are NOT outerwear in Paris.

But most importantly…
4. When I go away I am missed. I’m not just the cook, cleaner, laundress, I’m an integral part of a family who loves me and even though I sometimes feel like they wouldn’t notice if I was gone, it’s not even remotely close to the truth.

So now I’m back in Germany met by a lot of snow. We had fresh made crepes this morning with feigen which we discovered AFTER are figs! I realized after this that until today I had no idea what figs look like before they are dried.

I’m updating my blog while the children are outside playing in the freshly fallen snow.

And now back to reality…but a reality with some kick a** boots.

31 Responses to “Sometimes you just have to get away.”

  1. so I get the whole “paris rocks” bit – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Paris – glad you liked it too!! however, THOSE BOOTS KICK ASS!!! what a great find!!

    • Allison said

      I know Cori, I’m dying for the first person who asks me where I got them and I can say “oh, I just picked these up in Paris”…yes, I’m a child.

  2. becks said

    the boots are awesome!!!!!!!! I want some so bad now. Paris looks incredible. Glad you had a great time. I feel like I need a getaway by myself too 🙂

  3. Kristinma said

    Les bottes sont parfaites, vraiment parfait! Donnez-les moi – MAINTENANT. Svp.
    Et nous vous avons manqué aussi. Bisous!

  4. Teri said

    Kick ass boots for the snow….and in Paris!! How exciting!! I am not at all jealous! Not even a teeny tiny bit!! 🙂

  5. […] Paris through my eyes (and a pair of the best boots on the planet) you can check out my Paris posts here. Leave a […]

  6. Lisa in Oz said

    Ooooh I’m loving those boots!

  7. Megan said

    What a great trip!! Love the boots! =)

  8. I’m glad you enjoyed it – had you been before?

  9. Laura said

    Just found your blog from the SITS site. Love it. We just moved away from Germany and spent Christmas holidays in Paris so I loved seeing your pictures. Wish I had of seen those boots while we were there.

  10. Oh Paris – dream city, wonderful architecture, great food, charming people.

  11. Jess said

    I loved Paris. And I love love love your boots!

  12. Caroline said

    Your Paris is beautiful, and I love how you like your adventures to be organic, rather than forcing yourself to see EVERYTHING!! It looks amazing!

  13. Peggy Nolan said

    Kick ass boots for sure!

  14. Christine said

    Love the boots! The trip sounded delightful, too. And thanks for your thoughts on how your family did actually miss you when you were gone. I often feel that they wouldn’t miss me, either. Maybe I’ll take a little trip and put that theory to the test:)
    Paris anyone?

  15. LisaDay said

    Paris was good but Mont St. Michel. Now there is a place that everyone should go to. Bring the boots – there is plenty of walking to do.

  16. AWESOME boots! I have promised my husband, and myself really, that I will NOT buy another pair of black boots. I have way too many already. However, do they come in brown, too? Happy SITS Day!

  17. Naseya said

    Paris is on my “places to visit” list! and the boots look very comfy!

  18. Mel said

    Wow, I’m a little envious! Paris!! The pics are gorgeous!:)

  19. beenomom said

    Wow, what a fantabulous trip! I love the boots, and you sport them so well! Good for you!

  20. Joy said

    Fabulous boots! I love Paris. Great pics, by the way.

  21. gina said

    Oh girl, those ARE some boots! And who would have known only Americans wear yoga and pajama pants as outerware?!

  22. Found you through SITS. Paris has been on my list of desired places to visit. The only reason I haven’t went is really because I’m so afraid of not knowing any french. Did you find people to be rude if you didn’t know a lot or did you happen to know a bit before going?

    BTW, love the boots. I bought the most awesome jacket ever when I was in London years ago, it is still my favorite spring jacket!

  23. Love this post…and your boots. How great – Paris with a girlfriend! Thanks for the mini trip.

  24. Erin said

    Love the boots!! And I love that you made the time for a trip to Paris. I was at dinner with a friend last night, and his wife has not spent even a night away from her children. She wants to – in theory – but doesn’t think that anyone else can take care of the kids. It is bizarre, and very hard on their marriage. Anyways, I’m so glad you had a delightful trip.

    Visiting from SITS.

  25. Jolene said

    I love, love, love Paris…J’adore I guess I should say! So nevertheless I j’adore your post on your visit! I could simply live in a little flat in the city and watch the locals live their lives and be one happy little girl, but alas eventually I’d miss my husband and children, so I guess that fantasy will just stay a fantasy. Happy SITS Day!

  26. Lynn said

    Oh, yeah those are some really nice boots. I hesitated to read this post because of how much I yearn to return to Paris. I was there for only 5 days and I know I belong there. Thanks for sharing! So glad you got the experience. Happy SITS Day!

  27. I could totally drool on those boots. How cute! Happy SITS day!

  28. My daughter has that same teal and brown winter jacket!
    Stopping by from SITS.
    Hope you enjoy your day!
    Feel free to come on by and visit me too!

  29. Amber said

    OMG you are soooo lucky! I want to go to Paris very badly 🙂

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