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Christmas in Germany.

Posted by Allison on December 25, 2009

Wow, first Christmas since I was 11 where there is no snow. Lovely Christmas morning with the kids. LOVE the pared down Christmas gifts this year. Very non-stressful and the Wii is a huge hit! We got the kids ‘doing’ gifts this year. Nadia got a puzzle with a 1000 pieces and a specialized mat so she can move it from room to room without dismantling it. She is already working on the first edge having figured out the edging is the way to go. Elijah received a large container of lego. He needs the fine motor workout and the fact that he loves lego is perfect. Emmett got Modern Warfare something or other so it’s currently downloading as buying the German disc is not going to work…lol. And the family has already started playing the wii. Who knows where in the world we will be next Christmas but here are my three favorite beings on the planet this bright, snowless Christmas morning.

3 Responses to “Christmas in Germany.”

  1. Kristinma said

    what system is modern warfare for? Andrew and Ron got that too but for the ps3 — so if they have the same system they can play together.
    Let us know: it’s nice to “know” the person on the other end of the name when he’s playing online.

    • Allison said

      it’s for PC and it’s in GERMAN! When we leave the country we’re going to have to rebuy the damn game as there are restriction on it in Germany and Russia. Funny eh?

  2. Christine said

    Aww…what a beautiful family photo! My SIL bought her kids a Wii this Christmas too…they’ve been having the best time playing it. Now she wants to get the Wii Fit. Which I don’t understand….:)

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