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Good byes and belly laughs

Posted by Allison on December 22, 2009

So we opened the kids Christmas present today. We decided to get a Wii for the big ‘family’ gift. Oh my god. Why did we not have one before! KT James Scott and I played golf and bowling. I can see that this is going to be VERY addictive. Will post pics of all the good times on tomorrow blog. It’s now back in the box ready to be wrapped for it’s appearance on Christmas morning. Tonight I’m heading to bed as we have to get up early to see them off in the morning. Last night we had a wonderful supper of sushi. We made it ourselves and ate until we were stuffed. Good times. Good times.

We also put up the Christmas tree. Funny enough we bought it at the local grocery store and when we opened the very small box we discovered that it was all inclusive! Decorations and all in one small package. It’s perfect!

5 Responses to “Good byes and belly laughs”

  1. OMG. That sushi looks HEAVENLY. I am pregnant and can’t eat any yet.. But baby girl’s eviction notice will be delivered soon, and I’ll be able to indulge again! Looks so good!

    Stopped by from SITS!

  2. becks said

    lmao..u guys opened the gift and played before the kids??? that’s awesome

  3. becks said

    Do u have tennis??? Thats my fave. my arm was actually sore the next day b/c we played so long

  4. Allison said

    Thanks for coming by Natalie! The sushi was veggie and smoked salmon so totally preggo friendly…I remember having to abstain from the raw stuff during pregnancy it was a bummer.

    Becs…We have Wii sports which has bowling, baseball, tennis, golf & boxing and Scott picked up Wii Resort today. I can’t wait for Christmas morning!

  5. becks said

    i want sushi. hey u can do wii yoga! haha

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