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The Crazy has started….

Posted by Allison on December 18, 2009

Up waaaayyyy too late last night but DAMN there is nothing like having friends around to remind you who you are. Zeta and James Earl arrived yesterday and already I feel more like myself than I have in weeks. There is something about the ease of communication what you’re talking to someone who you’ve known for years. I’m so fortunate to have friends who I love dearly and who love me back. Seriously, I’m just thrilled that they are here. But something weird. I have always attributed a certain thing to Zeta. I remember having a friend who hated olives. Some how in my mind this has been Zeta for the last ‘x’ number of years. We went for dinner last night, it’s not her. Now this is going to drive me crazy….i have NO idea who it was in the life who hated olives so much. So now I have no memory at all of who called olivesthe evil spheres of death or something like that….ugh! Well better a question than a false memory I guess.

Off to take Mr. Magoo to late start grade 1. The Christmas concert was last night and for the first time in 12 years I didn’t have to go. Scott took the kids and I didn’t have to watch a painful but rousing rendition of ‘santa claus is coming to town’. Oh! Love private school. They just decided that early primary up to grade 2 would start at 9:30 today cause of the long day yesterday. So cool.
Must get moving, last day before the THREE WEEK Christmas break!

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