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Mannheim blizzard…

Posted by Allison on December 13, 2009

Fortunately Dh took a picture this morning because it’s gone now. Our brush with winter flurries was brief but I’m sure there will be more to come! It’s almost cute actually. Anything is better than the minus 40 (with the windchill) that everyone is facing back home. I’m so happy to have my first non crazy winter. Even living in CT there was crazy snowed in weather. I could easily get used to the shortened or milder winter thing.

Here ‘s the backyard just an hour after the flurries stopped. I think there might be a bit more in Heidelberg but here it’s gone already.

I even ran to the front in hopes of catching a glimpse of the snow, no luck.

LaLa has fallen back in love with his robe. My little Hugh Hefner must wear is every night before bed….I think he looks hilarious. This is him last night trying NOT to watch High School Musical 2 on the TV. There was singing and he kept saying it was ‘horrible’ but he couldn’t take his eyes off it. It might be that the TV is only on once a week.

One Response to “Mannheim blizzard…”

  1. Helene said

    OMG, your son cracks me up! One of my sons found a Thomas the train bathrobe that my sister gave him last year for Christmas…it was hidden behind a bunch of clothes in his closet. Now he wears it all the time, even over clothes. We’ve been calling him Hef!! It cracks me up everytime I see him wearing it.

    My kids love HSM, all 3 of them. I have to admit I actually love them too! I’ve downloaded the music on my iPod for the kids….yeah, right…it’s really for me!

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