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Guests are a comin’

Posted by Allison on December 9, 2009

I’m so excited! We have guest coming from Canada next week! There is so much to do, so much to get ready for! I have to build the bed in the basement that has been in pieces since the Americans gave it to us. I have to put all the remaining boxes under the stairs which means I also have to sweep those dust bunnies from under the stairs. I have to clean the entire house and get guest towel etc cleaned and ready. I have to go grocery shopping. I have to refill the room deodarizers. I have to complete all the Christmas shopping. I have to decorate the house for Christmas. I have to hang all the pictures in the livingroom. I have to knit a couple of pairs of socks before the big day. I have to much to do! What I have done. What TWO seasons of Gossip Girl. I may be the Queen of procrastination. I should get a crown.

Oh! And the weather outside is delightful. Today I wore my wonderful grey fall coat that I snagged at Ricki’s last season for a steal and turns out it’s high fashion over here. I was BAKING on the way to pick up E. I mean, sweating like CRAZY! The weather today was amazing. A nice crisp fall-like (happy Caitlin) day and warmed to a beautiful plus 10 ish by this afternoon. The sun was shining, it was just delightful. Funny I don’t miss the snow at all. Apparently there may be a touch of snow this weekend. But the projected hi is plus 5 and plus 9…so I imagine if we get any it won’t be around for long. I’ll be sure to take pictures!

One Response to “Guests are a comin’”

  1. Kristinma said

    Procrastination is part of our genetic make up. Enjoy your guests!!

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