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Pick up your poop.

Posted by Allison on December 8, 2009

Are we all wondering how many hits the old blog will get with THAT title. People are constantly asking me what I miss from home. It’s weird there isn’t anything of material value that I miss. Of course I miss my family (only cause Caitlin reads my blog and I don’t want her telling my mother I said I didn’t miss her) and my friends but really it’s not been long enough to miss anything. I love so much about living overseas and discovering new things makes the transistion much easier. The cheese and beer alone would be enough to keep me in Germany! BUT and this is a big BUT (unlike mine which has shrunk considerably since the move) there is one thing that gets under my skin like a rash in a whore house….people do not curb their dogs. I don’t know if there are some people who do or if I was in a bigger city this wouldn’t be an issue but where I live there doesn’t seem to be ANYONE who picks the shit up after their dog. I really do not understand this. I had no idea that people still left doggie poo on the sidewalks. Germany is an extremely beautiful and clean place. The roads and yards are amazing. People wash their steps and I see my neighbour out every morning out sweeping the cobblestones in front of her house. At the same people walk their dogs and just let them poop anywhere and then leave it. It is driving me nuts!
Wait, this is my second blog post in the week about poop. I’ll try to step it up for tomorrow….less poop, less ranting, more talk about the delicious weather. It’s minus 30 with a windchill back home. I NEED to write about the beautiful fall weather we are having here! My Canadian viewing public demands it!

4 Responses to “Pick up your poop.”

  1. Caitlin said

    I’m not sure if you noticed, but it happens to be DECEMBER. You know, that time of year when there is snow on the ground and everyone is jolly? December should not still be Fall. Maybe you people in Germany should get on that..

  2. Becks said

    lmao its sooo true! And weird considering how clean the Germans are.

  3. anji said

    I’m wondering…. if they have local workers that pick it up, as part of their job… like, city workers. You know?

    It *is* Germany after all you know… anything is possible!

  4. Kristinma said

    Paris was the exact same way. Ugh.

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