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Where are you?

Posted by Allison on December 6, 2009

So there is a widget on the side of my blog that tells me where people are coming from…that’s it. I get to see where in the world every one is visiting from. I love it. There are other parts of wordpress that give me a more detailed break down on page visits and which search terms people use to get here but by far my favorite thing is where people are. I love looking over and seeing that I’ve had visitors from Italy or Borneo. It makes me feel connected to the rest of the world in a way that I do not usually feel. I guess in some way it goes back to being heard. I tap out a little story about my life on my fancy pink Macbook and on the other side of the planet someone strolls by and decides to read it. That’s cool. Yesterday the company that runs ‘feedjit’ must have lost their servers for a bit because the feed wasn’t working. I was NOT happy. In my quest to find out what was going on I came across a rather militant group of people whining about internet privacy and the like, blasting feedjit and demanding that people stop using it. I was a little alarmed. I never considered the possibility that others would be concerned about a fun little widget on the side of my blog. I can’t imagine why the heck it would bother anyone. I mean it’s not google earth for gods sake. It’s not like it posts a picture of your house if you visit my blog. You come to visit and it shows me the flag of your country. The farthest it drills down is to the city. So if your in Edmonton I can narrow you down to one in a million. Oooo let the stalking begin.
To be honest if you’re that concerned I should probably let you know that blog owners know MUCH more about you when you visit their blog than that little widget tells them. Although as much as I would LOVE it, WordPress still doesn’t let me know exactly who is visiting..tee hee. Search terms used to get there, Referrers, Email subscribers etc. WordPress and other blogging sites break down our traffic for us in many different ways. All websites do that, you leave a trail every where you go. Big brother is watching. It’s Orwell time baby. So either disconnect from the Internet or deal with the fact that we are a much more interconnected world than ever before.
I also learned that there are ways to shadow yourself as you travel the internet. There are programs out there that don’t allow websites to track your activity. Honestly, for the sake of destroying the child pornography industry I hope those programs aren’t too good. There are cloaking devices (I can’t think of another term and I’m a trekkie) that keep me from “seeing” where you are. There are proxie server thingie (technical term) that make your computer look like it’s in a different country than you are (and thank the Grey Cup for that *wink *wink)
Well that what I learned when my “where are u” widget stopped working for a few hours yesterday. Oh and that feedjit is the only company with a half decent “where are u” widget. Oh and that if you search for “traffic widget” you find widgets for your blog about car traffic not blog traffic. Oh and that there are some seriously stressed people out there when it comes to “where are u” widgets.

3 Responses to “Where are you?”

  1. Becks said

    I think the people that care so much are the ones that have something to hide. When you sign up for google you allow them to know just about everything about you and it is saved and archived. Hence why their search is the best; they tailor it to individuals. Google knows every email, every IM, every website, your shopping habits and probably other habits. Not sure if they provide that to advertisers or not. Actually…I do know that in a roundabout way they do. When a business uses google adwords, it lets the company know how many people search for certain words, in what country, city, etc. And the people that cloak and shadow can usually only do so to the common person. When it comes to tracking child pornographers the technology is amazing. It’s so interesting how much and how easily people can find out about you via the web. If you are trying to track someone down you find them on facebook or see if they have a blog. Then you find out who their friends are and learn about their friends. It’s so easy to build a trail and find just about anyone if you want to. As long as people are at least cautious and aware of this, they should be just fine. If you’re on the net doing something shady you should be concerned b/c someone else can find out. I wonder how many people will find your blog from the search term “child pornographer”

  2. Gina said

    Hi Alison,
    This is Gina from Va Beach, checking in on you again. Hope all is going well for the fam. I was in Berlin last month, and thought of you.
    Auf Wierdersehen!

  3. Allison said

    Hi Gina! so nice to “hear” from you again. Next time you’re coming through let me know, I’m in Paris in January any chance you’re there?

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