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Bus driver, bus driver

Posted by Allison on December 3, 2009

You know if you sing “bus driver bus driver let me off here”, to the tune of “matchmaker matchmaker make me a match” you can sing it over and over, and it’s funny every time.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The bus drivers here do NOT stop for anyone. Not little old ladies, not mom’s with trams. No one. You miss the bus, tough shit. They don’t see you, too bad. Okay that’s not 100% true. If you are in front of the bus they may stop BUT when you jump over to where the door is they take this opportunity to drive away. Same with the trams. In fact if it’s time to leave you can push that tram button all you want, they will NOT open the door. But I tell you what, they are on frickin time every day. Elijah knows every route we take. He knows all the stops (in English AND German) and knows which trams go where and at what time. Wanna go to the Statbucherei ask Elijah, he’ll tell you how to get there a bunch of different ways. Miss the bus at the Bismarkplatz not a problem he know which trams go to the Hauptbahnof. It’s creepy. I’m enjoying being car-free more than I thought I would. Not sure how this will translate when we move home but unless we are in a place that mandates a vehicle, I’m enjoying how I see so much of the area because of public transportation. I just make sure I’m there on time.

Now of course, I’ve got Fiddler on the roof in my head. And you know what THAT means. Yep, I’ll be singing this for the next few days until I finally give in and watch the entire movie.

God I love Topol. If you know me, you know I whine and bitch about my mother, but my mother instilled a love of theatre in me that was deep, meaningful and life long. She didn’t take me to “children” shows, she took me to the shows she wanted to see. She loves the theatre and was a single mom with no date. We saw every theatre production that went through Saskatoon. Years later, I was the single mom with no date and Emmett got his love for the theatre the exact same way. If you catch him on a good day he’ll quote lines from Chicago usually “he ran into my knife 10 times”. Anyway, I remember seeing Fiddler on the Roof starring Topol in Saskatoon, I wore a pink dress with an orange bow in my hair and sat in the third row. I never took my eyes of the stage the entire time.

Try to watch it without doing the shake….come on try.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

2 Responses to “Bus driver, bus driver”

  1. Rhonda said

    Next January Fiddler on the Roof is coming to Calgary and originally it was Topol’s Farewell tour. As of 3 weeks ago it changed to Theodore Bikell instead of Topol…WTF?? I was devastated, I wanted to see Topol sing the above song. And I split a gut laughing about the ‘try to do it without the shake”.
    Lois Hildebrandt and I went out for lunch last week and it was a walk down memory lane, your name came up a few times. It still amazes me that we are all friends now, it’s been great to see your blog and read your profile updates. With this amazing technology it really doesn’t seem you are that far away. Merry Christmas and happy stepping around all that poo. Cheers!

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