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Stumbling block.

Posted by Allison on December 2, 2009

See? I’m back and it’s not January!  I can be a mature adult when necessary.  There is a slight stumbling block to today’s post.  Yesterday at Elijah’s ergotherapie appointment I came up with a brilliant blog post idea.  I searched my purse for a pen to write it down and instead found my iTouch.  So I started a list of blog ideas so that on days where I get stuck I don’t end up just writing “hi”.  Ideas started flooding through me.  I even remembered a couple of blog post ideas that I had and didn’t follow up on.  It was brilliant.  This morning was to be the first of those posts.  My iTouch is ALL the way downstairs and I don’t want to get out of bed.  This is a huge stumbling block that I can’t imagine how to overcome.

Instead you get the thoughts bouncing around in my head this morning, in no particular order….

I’ve been married for seven years in January.  On January 18th to be exact.  I’m having a hard time wrapping my brain around the idea that it’s been seven years actually.  I been wondering what makes some couple successful when others can’t make it.  I’m pretty sure everyone starts off with similar intentions of staying together forever but somewhere along the way things get derailed.  Is there a common denominator in the relationships that make it or even a common denominator in the ones that don’t.  The mine field that is human relationships confuses me.  My long lasting friendships lead me to believe that I can maintain deep and meaningful relationships with others(male & female).  I do have the ability to communicate on many levels on a variety of issues with individuals with vastly different thought processes than my own.  With that in mind shouldn’t marriage be less of a mine field?  Interestingly, my spouse is not a communicator.  Wait, my spouse can communicate, just in a very different way.  I have a feeling that for all the dime store-self help-guruy-ishness  idea of Men are from Mars Women are from Venus there is actually quite a bit of truth to the idea that men and women think and communicate very differently.  Maybe this is the common denomitor.  I think it’s likely that the relationships that don’t make it all lack a level of communication that the ones that do, have.  If we have any possibility of making it for 50 years I think our ability to hear each other probably is tied to that success somehow.  If that is the case then I suppose both people better be spending an awful lot of time invested in making sure that they are constantly trying to better communicate with the other…

Anyway, I’m pretty sure we’ll make it to our seven wedding anniversary.  Not because we’ve found some secret to a happy marriage as I’m sure my spouse will attest but because it’s only a month away….and the modern anniversary gift for year 7 is wool.

Traditional Anniversary Gift: Copper
Modern Anniversary Gift: Wool/Brass

One Response to “Stumbling block.”

  1. LOL, I’m familiar with that feeling! I make notes to myself on my phone also – and end up never having the phone at the moment I’ve chosen to blog!

    I enjoyed your commentary on marriage. I’ve been married 9 years now, and I completely agree.

    Thanks for visiting on my SITS day!

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