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Saturday is Grocery Day!

Posted by Allison on November 28, 2009

Just a quick stopover at home after the REAL before we head out to Heidelberg to our favorite Asian market.  Thought I’d post some pictures of little E looking very handsome in his robe.

Here’s him saying some word that has an “R” in it as it’s his focus letter at speech therapy there he’s gesturing with his hand the hand signal for when he ways R.


Then he lost interest in me and had to watch his father play Farkle on the computer.


My sweet friend Rebecca order some boots for me from Target after I was unable to find Nads some Ugg style boots that weren’t crazy expensive.  We picked them up last night after a night of crazy games and the best blog post idea in the history of the blog…but enough about that, I’m writing that another time.  For now here’s a picture of Nads and her new boots.  Seriously big feet on this kid…

It’s frickin’ cold today for the first time really this year (8 degrees with the windchill)…Nad froze walking to the REAL this morning so now she’s layered up for under her jacket as we head to Heidelberg.

3 Responses to “Saturday is Grocery Day!”

  1. Becks said

    Boots are super cute! I was hoping you would have the “TP” blog post up today! But Im sure that’s another reason you’re going to Heidelberg today..not just for the Asian market..LOL!

  2. Allison said

    Dammit! 4 Euros down the drain. Tried to buy one at the REAL and the machine ate our coins. Not exactly something you can go to the manager and complain about. Don’t worry we are still on the hunt!

  3. Caitlin said

    Oh Allison, complaining about 8 degree weather? Tough life you have.

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