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Happy Monday!

Posted by Allison on November 23, 2009

Yesterday my football team advanced to the Grey Cup.  I would have been glued to the television if possible but alas, I live overseas now and one of the concessions to this lifestyle is not being able to see my beloved Riders play football.  Funny enough that is one of the things we look at for the next post.  Not specifically the Riders but a few things that we thought we could live without that we are discovering we can live without we’d just rather not.

Now as we apply for the next place to live we are making sure there are a few things that we don’t have here…

  • bikram yoga
  • golf (i could care less but i think scott would find finding friends easier if there was some good golfin’ around)
  • sushi (seriously.need.sushi)
  • football or satellite tv in general…i think we’ve enjoyed this time without tv but what i miss is the news and documentary channels…really.   We keep up with our ‘shows’ but I miss the local news or at least Canadian news.

So as I apply all over the world these things are tickling at the back of my mind.  Interestingly enough with these requirements Asia looks more and more likely….well when you factor in that the oldest REALLY needs to go to school next year and the two little ones need better programming for them at school than our small international school can make available….

Oh first pair of Bella mitts are done!

Anyway on to my love of Neil Patrick Harris….This guy is by far the coolest guy ever.  He’s witty and charming.  Can host the Emmy’s and bring down the house at the Tony’s. He got self-deprecating humor down to a science.   He’s a stage actor, a web actor, a film star and tv guy.  He’s NPH for god sake and he’s brilliant.  He’s in a long term relationship with a super hot guy and he’s done Sesame Street.  He’s Dr. Horrible and the Prop 8 the musical video he appears in is brilliant.  Now NPH is on Twitter.  My happiness continues.

4 Responses to “Happy Monday!”

  1. Melissa B. said

    An eclectic post, but I’m digging every bit of it! My football team won yesterday, too. On a 2-game winning streak, they are…SITS sent me by, and I’m glad they did!

    The Packers’ Pied Piper…and a PIE!

  2. Allison said

    This is what happens when I blog before coffee….

  3. seplowingermany said

    Hi there.
    Try Tokyo Sushi in Mannheim. It is the best we have found in the area. There are two of them, one is near the train station and is more of a take away place. The other one is in Q7, I think.
    Let me know what you think.

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