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Oh Bella mitts, how I Love thee…

Posted by Allison on November 15, 2009

Well I have an admission to make, I have never knit cables. I have been knitting since I was a little girl but I’ve always thought cables were something I couldn’t do. Then I found the Bella mitts from Twilight and I had to have them. So what to do….well knit cables of course. Nothing is too difficult for me, right! I’m knitting Bella mitts right now and I will tell you that you’re going to be seeing a lot of cable projects from now on. Wow, it’s very easy.
I’m on the first mitt going exactly by pattern and making the mitts in purple. I have a beautiful skein of grey that will make the second pair (for me) after I’ve worked out the kinks. And yes the first pair will be for Nadia, cause she’s a kid….and won’t notice the mistakes.
I’m not completely cruel I’m making hers out of cascade 220 superwash….

Oh and to all the knitters out there snickering at me, you know we all have ONE thing. The one knitting thing we’re scared of…for some of us it’s socks, others it’s colours (fairisle or instrasia) still other blanch at the idea of steeking. For me it’s been cables. I have no idea why but that fear is out the window now. Come on, why not tackle a knitting fear of your own.

4 Responses to “Oh Bella mitts, how I Love thee…”

  1. Kristinma said

    Hmm… maybe a lovely cable knit sweater is in my future…

  2. debbie said

    Gosh, those cables are perfect! Love them.

  3. Kristi said

    I will send an email with my address so you can send my pair asap.. winter has come to Edmonton and now that I live closer to work I am walking… so I need cool knitted mittens. I would love a black pair please and thank you.

  4. Allison said

    Wow, when did you hit your head?

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