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Posted by Allison on November 9, 2009

Oh god. I’ve got a bee in my bonnet. I want an e-reader. Well, if you’re going to be a world traveller AND you love books it’s probably important that you at least look at what the newest high tech thingy that is out there, right? Right? Can I get a whooop whooop? So here’s the deal. I’m an avid reader. I’m a slightly neurotic reader who reads everything from historical fiction to true crime to anything with two covers and pages in between. I’ll even read German magazines if I’ve forgotten my book and see how many words I can understand (um, none). The one thing we learned when we moved overseas is that books are heavy. Really, really heavy. And they are a pain in the ass if your keeping them for purely sentimental reason (oldest child of mine is a bit of a girl if you accidentally give away a few of them and then distract him by pretending he did it). So what have the geniuses of the world come up with???? E-readers. E-readers that hold thousands of books and fit in your purse! And the print isn’t tiny if, for example, you’re 40 and trying to delude yourself into believing you don’t need bifocals. You can make the print larger! You can download onto your computer and then transfer onto your e-book or you can wifi the books right to the reader (but i hear that you then pay duty if you’re out of the country booo hisss). So now i’m starting to look at which one of these bad boys I have to have. I know that with the new Barnes and Noble e-reader called the Nook you can trade with friends and i know that the Kindle has had all types of press, even Oprah talked about her love of the Kindle one day. There is the The Cybook Opus and the BeBook. These 4 are all I know. If you have an opinion, PLEASE post it. I will take them all under advisement, well, not the negative ones, I’ll just pretend they don’t exist.

And a big shout out THANKS to my friend Anji for the information on the privacy posts. They say people are around you for a reason. I’m going thru some stuff and you answered a need I didn’t even know I had. Thanks friend.

One Response to “E-Reader.”

  1. anji said

    You’re totally welcome 🙂

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