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“Mawidge…Mawidge is what brings us together”

Posted by Allison on November 8, 2009

What did your wedding vows say. I remember when I was MUCH younger and getting married I was a traditionalist. I really wanted to say the vows that millions had said before me. I wanted to say love, honour and obey because I was marrying the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with….we all know how that train wreck turned out. I never did say the word obey because even at 21 with wedding stardust in my eyes I knew that I wasn’t going to say ‘obey’ to that person. I didn’t even really know what it meant within the context of a marriage. In which case I probably had no right standing up there in the first place but that’s another story. I’m not even sure I was really good at the honour part that first time around. We both said “until death us do part” (choke gasp choke) but unfortunately I forgot to put in the vows that in order to marry me we both had to quit dating. Silly me. I do know that the day I took those vows I was pretty sure (yeah yeah) that I meant them. I knew that as much as I could at 21 I meant what i said in front of god and those witnesses. Marriage is a tricky thing. I’m not sure why everyone focuses so much on the flowers and the dress when really the part they should be focusing on is whether the person across from them means what they are saying.

I thought long and hard (that’s what she said) before I got married again. I really didn’t care about having a wedding and I didn’t. We got married in our living room with just our parents and Emmett there. I remember the justice of the peace gave us a little book that had different vows in it. Once again that ‘obey’ reared its nasty head and once again I made another choice. Funny sitting here on a Sunday morning I can’t remember everything about that day but I do remember that we both said love, honour and cherish. I guess you can’t cover every contingency in the vows you say on the day you marry someone. You just have to hope that they mean what they say and are in a position to follow through on what they say that day.

I need coffee. Oh and I’m knitting. I love More Sensational Socks. I still have so many variations of socks to do that I never even look for other patterns anymore. This is a new set for Eli. He wants me to make them into knee highs but I’ve convinced him that these will be plenty long.


5 Responses to ““Mawidge…Mawidge is what brings us together””

  1. Mindi - B.A. Bookworm said

    I really like your post, it was very insightful.
    I married young also when I was 20, the guy was in the Air Force. He left for Germany for two weeks and when he came back he told me that he just didn’t want to be married anymore. And that was that.
    Now I’ve been married for 15 years to a very special guy. He makes me smile and never forgets our vows.

  2. Rhona said

    I am not married and telling you the truth…have no intention of getting married. I love being single and being on my own schedule. Granted it takes longer to do things (like make large purchases) but that is about the only negative I can think of. 🙂
    Your post was very nice and it is great that you post such words of wisdom.

  3. Meems said

    Our vows, which we chose from a book:

    I will love you, hold you, and honor you
    in good times and in bad,
    enjoy you, console you, delight you,
    play with you often,
    astound you when I can,
    give thanks for you always,
    and cherish you dearly
    until the end of our days.

  4. Allison said

    Dammit Meems, those are some good vows.

  5. Becks said

    Welp..I don’t know what we said. We just repeated the geeky guy marrying us. The only thing I remember is Shaun’s huge, goofy smile from ear to ear. He doesn’t show a whole lot of emotion when it comes to love. Well he does, but at the time I still didn’t understand his ways of showing. Anywoo I just remember his smile and thinking this guy was for real. We didn’t have a wedding. Sometimes I miss that aspect and wish I could have had the dress and the song and just experienced feeling like a princess for a day. But what I have realized since then is that our marriage is better (most days) than that one day could have ever been.

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