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A day in Frankfurt.

Posted by Allison on October 29, 2009

What a great day!  We decided to go up to Frankfurt for the day and take a look around.  It was GREAT.  We took the ICE train up there and it makes the hour trip only 35 minutes.  Nice.  Elijah has been DESPERATE to go on the ICE train.  They go 300 kilometers per hour and he loves when they whiz by.  So we paid the extra to get to Frankfurt in 35 minutes and ride the ICE on the way there.  He was happy as a clam.  He REALLY thinks this is the coolest smile in the world.  He does it everytime there is a camera pointed at him.   I think he looks ridiculous.  This of course makes ME uncool and him very cool.  Aw….kids.

DSCN0298 Even when I try to snap one quickly so I don’t get ‘the smile’ no go.


There was a much better picture of Nadia and I but this one made me look skinnier…so I’m posting this one.


The infamous ICE train.  I’ll probably take the ICE to Paris in January, it’s fast as hell and super comfortable… it.


Totally should have got a picture of this guy from the front, he’s a portable vendor selling bratwurst.  Seriously.

DSCN0313 So last night during research for our trip Scott found an 8 story mall.  We found it pretty quick and thought ‘wow that’s really cool’.  The store were underwhelming but we found Nadia a pair of shoes so whatever.  We really couldn’t figure out what all the hype was about.  Then we left that mall and walked like 100 meters and found the MyZeil…we had been in the wrong place.  THIS mall is amazing! The building is supberb and the stores are beyond fantastic.  There was even a Pandora store where I finally got the zodiac symbol for my bracelet that matches to represent Nadia!  They don’t sell that one in Canada anymore so I was thrilled.  So this next pic is the MyZeil….I.LOVE.IT!


So happy to finally have some sushi.  We found an amazing Japanese restaurant in the mall and had sushi lunch in which Elijah wolfed down over a dozen pieces of various sushi and Nadia practically had to beg for some (what 6 year old jumps up and down with GLEE when told ‘we’re having sushi for lunch’..oh yeah, mine).  We then walked up and down the Zeil and even stopped at the weekly farmers market.  When we made our way back to the Hauptbahnof we were excited to find out that we could take the RB (it was even elijah’s favorite bunk train) back to Friedrichsfeld but before we had to board we came across a group of musicians and dancers.  We don’t know what country they are from but they were in traditional clothing and having a blast. In the end we figured out that they are promoting a new coffee. Which made us giggle for the next little bit.




Fantastic day.  I think we’re going to hit Munich next…but that’ll be an overnighter.  Emmett said he didn’t miss us even remotely so we’re going to have to go away for longer.

2 Responses to “A day in Frankfurt.”

  1. Rhona said

    Cool mall! I am so jealous. I can’t wait to return to explore more in depth.
    You will LOVE Munich. Be sure to do the tour to see the “white swan” schloss. fantastic!
    Also for Paris, the TGV might be the way to go. When I was in Stuttgart, the ride was 3hrs on the TGV as the ICE didn’t go their direct.
    Please continue to keep up your correspondence of Germany as that country is my home away from home.

  2. Kristinma said

    Hmm… we trained into Boston and went exploring. Seems to be that sort of day! 🙂 Glad it was so successful for you all.

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