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It’s October?!?!

Posted by Allison on October 8, 2009

Interestingly enough, time passes just as quickly all over the world.  I keep meaning to sit down and update but then, meh, life happens.  The past weekend I went on my first excursion!  The school has a little social committee and there was a day trip to France.  The hubby was pretty sure it was just women so asked if I could go along.  Turns out there were only 5 women and we were going just over the border about an hour away.  So I made my way to the school Saturday morning and off we went.   Coming from Canada I’m always up for a good road trip.  Three hours to see the Green and White, no problem.  Run to the border to buy booze, 4 hours there and back, hell we did that all the time back in the day.  Driving 7.0 hours Saskatoon to Edmonton in the dead of winter the only bitchin’ you’d hear from me is that I could do the trip in 5 hours if they’d finish doubling the damn highway.  Snow and ice be damned!  So it’s surprising to me that living in Germany there are people who could frickin’ BIKE to France from their house and have never gone.  What the fuck is that?  You can practically SEE it from your window and you haven’t gone?  Geez…I’ve driven 3 hours to see a giant pyrogy and you don’t want to see the birth place of  the Aqualung and Braille?  (yes i know there are other things bu that’s all that would come out off the top of my head)  Any way we went to a couple delightful little towns own of which, Soufflenheim,  is known for it’s pottery.   We had lunch in Haguenau and just had a really nice day hanging out.  I enjoyed it immensely.  As it was the first day I’d spent on my own in well over a month it was a nice break too.   I wish dh would take some time too himself but I doubt he would.

I bought wine.


The weirdest part of the day was the placemat.  I’m not sure what to think of this sexy horse creature, are you suppose to be attracted to the body but not the face?  What the hell is this?


There were beautiful buildings and I’m thrilled that I went on my first trip to France.


This week our stuff arrived from Canada.  Here’s the thing. We paid for door to door service.  In Canada they came in and took the boxes and put them on the truck.  Here, not so much.  I don’t know if they were suppose to but the guy dropped 3 pallets of wrapped boxes at the end of my walkway and left.


I suppose because you can SEE the door it’s considered ‘door to door’ Thank god I was home, I don’t know how I would have got them if we weren’t here.  Apparently I’m married to some guy named Peter. I hope he’s hot.

Our entire lives are on 3 pallets.  Funny thing is aside from the peanut butter I can’t remember what the hell is in them.

Emmett and I brought all the boxes into the livingroom which resulted in this…



This has been a crazy couple of months and I’m glad that we took on this adventure.  I know the next move will be much easier on all of us….so you know I’m nuts if I’m already willing to move onto the next place on day after getting my sock yarn back!

4 Responses to “It’s October?!?!”

  1. Rhona said

    Yikes! All that unpacking. For a person that HATES moving, I am shuddering as I write this. 🙂
    I noticed also that most of my friends in DE have never been anywhere, other than Turkey of course on vacation. It actually makes me sad that they don’t take ripe advantage of all the travel oppourtunities they have. All of my friends in DE say that they are embarrassed that I have seen more of their country and surrounding areas than they have. So sad.
    Good luck with the boxes.

  2. Kristinma said

    With all those boxes, it looks like my house. But we’ve been here longer. Sigh.

  3. erin said

    I love you. Thanks for the update. I missed them. I am glad you have sock yarn now, I bought 3 skeins at the lys a couple weeks ago, now I can’t find my ‘socks soar’ book so it looks like I will have to meet Ann Norling again for her sock patterns.

  4. Kristi said

    my house is starting to look like that.. and I am not looking forward to unpacking… i just want to go to sleep and wake up and be moved and unpacked and settled. I’m glad u were excited to have ur peanut butter! I have stopped eatting pb and started being obsessed with nuttela thanks to u. Maybe I will ship my pb to u.

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