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I used to LIKE camping.

Posted by Allison on September 23, 2009

But after a month sleeping on a mattress on the floor, I’m seriously reconsidering why the hell I ever did.  Last night was our first night in our new bed.  It was AMAZING. I don’t think it’s the fairly inexpensive mattress that we got. I think it’s the fact that for the last 30 plus days we’ve been sleeping on a hard floor made last night even more wonderful.  When we first started looking at moving overseas I had looked at the cost of furniture and had my eye on the Hemnes bedroom set from Ikea.  (and the couch that we ended up getting in the as is section for dirt cheap!) I never thought we’d actually ever get it.  well we did!  We got the bed, a dresser and two night stands.   I love it.  Where ever we go from here, this set is coming with us!


I’m going for a white theme with pops of colour.  The dresser is from the same line in the black.  The duvet cover I’m getting is white but when I was back at Ikea I didn’t get one because I forgot to measure our duvet and the different European sizes confuse me!

6 Responses to “I used to LIKE camping.”

  1. Kristi said

    ok no fair. that was the set we were thinking of getting once we get in the house. U suck. now I can’t get it!!! geez.

  2. Kristi said

    lol thats true. ours would be king…..and in black. White gets too dirty too fast in my house.

  3. Allison said

    Ours is 160 centimetres, so I seriously have no idea what that would be at home. But as long as we’re overseas I’m keeping this bed…so FOREVER!

  4. seplowingermany said

    Oh, I remember those days of camping out on an our floor until our stuff arrived.

  5. Kristinma said

    You’ve been in germany 2 mos and you have a bed.
    I’ve been married 17 years and still don’t have… Mattresses
    yes but not a formal bed with a pretty headboard. Sigh.

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