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I’ll tell you a secret.

Posted by Allison on September 17, 2009


I have no idea what that means and if I still have weeks until it gets to our door but our stuff is here.  I received an email from the company (in German, natch)  stating that they want money to clear it through customs (natch) and that we have to send some paperwork translated into German (once again, natch).  I’ve sent it to the school and hopefully one of the delightful ladies in the front office will decipher (dear god if you knew how long it took me to remember to spell decipher you’d laugh your ass off) it for us.  The only part I understood completely was the passport requirement.  Since I’d already sent it to the moving company I’m a little pissed that I have to do it again and apparently it has to be a registered copy and the list of items in the boxes has to be in German (oh god, my side HURTS from the laughter).  But I’m happy to know that I have 25 boxes of crap I couldn’t let go of showing up at my Strasse sometime in the next millennium.  I think I’m most looking forward to Nadia’s skinny jeans getting here because the ‘sullen-wispy-oh-god-where-are-my-skinny-jeans-that-I begged-for-3-years-to-get-until-my-parents-broke-in-a-moment-of-weakness” look is getting old.

Not as old as Elijah asking where his train set it or Emmett wondering allowed (dear god I cannot believe I wrote allowed instead of aloud, jesus)  where his 360 is or me wearing the same 4 pair of pants old…but old just the same.

Oh and about the decipher thing….I’ve decided that spell check is making me stupid so I am refusing to use it.  So I just sit there trying to remember how to spell things until the red line goes away.  Unless it’s colour or labour or neighbourhood.  Cause I AM spelling them correctly and spell check is just another American propaganda tool trying to spread their incorrect spellings on the world. Oh and learnt….cause they don’t ‘believe’ it’s a word….silly Americans….

2 Responses to “I’ll tell you a secret.”

  1. I fondly recall the days of arrival in HD and living out of a suitcase for 22 days before German Customs cleared my container. It did not bother my son, but the wife was tired of the same old outfits and the ‘turbo’ washer that takes 90 minutes to run a cycle. Love the blog!

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