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Quiet Sundays.

Posted by Allison on September 13, 2009

Oh I know we won’t be in Germany for ever and ever but there is one thing I’m taking with us when we go.  In Germany NOTHING happens on a Sunday.  There is no Sunday shopping (not even grocery stores).  The only place you can grab something is the gas station but luckily they sell beer and wine!  But the Germans take it farther than that.  We are in a very traditional small town and on Sundays you are not to do anything.  It’s really a day of rest.  If I were to go out and start mowing my lawn, someone would comment.  It’s just not done.  I thought this would drive me crazy but in fact I love it.  I never realized how much we ran around on the weekends before.  When you have two days to do it all, you then do it all.  Groceries on Saturday then the mall on Sunday or whatever, it makes for a very busy weekend and then the week starts and the craziness starts all over again without any kind of down time.  Now that we are here we have adopted this family time concept for Sundays.  Even Elijah will say ‘be quiet it’s SUNDAY’.   Right now it’s almost noon and we are all very lazily hanging out.  No rush to go anywhere.  I love it.   The fact that there is no tv helps too I guess.  Scott is jonesing for a tv but I would much rather we never got one.  Oh well, compromise I guess, I just hope it isn’t constantly on.  We’ve lived without on for a month I see no reason to go back to watching it every minute of every day.

Just a new picture of me & becs that I really like…my forehead is all shiny and she’s tipped a few back but I love it, cause we’re both really really happy….


2 Responses to “Quiet Sundays.”

  1. Becs said

    we so purdy

  2. seplowingermany said

    So interesting… it is one of the things my husband and I really appreciate living in Germany. Sunday is really a day for friends and family. It is one of the things we will try to incorporate into our lives when we move back to the States. Glad you are enjoying your German experience so far.

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