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What new?

Posted by Allison on September 6, 2009

Last night we went to the Lighting of the Castle.  Three times a year the Heidelberg Castle is lite to commensurate the three times the castle was set afire.  Fortunately we were here for the last one this year.  We were invited to a party at a really cool flat on the top floor just blocks from the Castle.  Here is the view from earlier in the night that I stole from Rebecca’s facebook page….


This flat is amazing.  If your a young couple with no kids and in great shape you can navigate the Dr. Seuss staircase up 5 flights and manuever on the ladder to get to the rooftop terrace.  I’m pretty sure I would be found eaten by cats after a night of heavy drinking at the bottom of the ladder.


OKay I’m really enjoying exploring new cooking style.  Tonight I’m making stuffed mushrooms with chicken wings and potatoes.


Yesterday I continues the caprese theme with a nice caprese sandwich on french bread.


Tonight Emmett is drinking cola and beer and I’m drinking cherry and beer.  How bizarre is that….


It’s 2.5 % alcohol so I’m sure it’s just making me fat with no buzz but DAMN it’s good.

3 Responses to “What new?”

  1. Rhona said

    The “Mixery” bier is hilarious. It just reminds me of my time in DE and all the different mixes of bier and weins/soda they had. I loved it! Keep enjoying for the both of us until I can get there again. 🙂

  2. DonnaW said

    You are moving into the Favorite Blog section today. It has much to do with knitting however I love the idea of the knitters living overseas who are getting to so much more than just knit. I hope to be visiting Germany in January and want to arrange a kntter meetup while I am there – maybe see some knit shops there.

  3. Meems said

    Your basil plant is doing well!

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