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Posted by Allison on September 2, 2009

I can’t believe the day has finally come!  No, our stuff isn’t here yet, it’s Internet day!  We have been accessing the internet with Internet “sticks” for the last few weeks because we couldn’t have NO access.  But today the Deutsch Telekom guy is coming to install our wireless internet in the house!  Oh dance of joy and glee!  These sticks have been great but they don’t offer the fastest service.  As you can tell I haven’t been uploading a crap load of pictures because it takes forever to get them on the site.  Well no more!  Oh and he’s putting in our phone too.  I suppose that should be exciting too cause I haven’t talked to anyone but my mother from back home in WEEKS.  Oh and I can call my girlfriend in Greece too.  We decided to get the plan that has unlimited calling to Europe, the States and Canada for 3,90 Euros a month.  I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark and say it’ll be worth it.  The unlimited doesn’t actually start until September 9th but that’s okay.

Dear God, the Internet man is suppose to come between 8 and 1.  I sent the kids with Scott to go to school (we’ll see how THAT pans out) and here I sit.  Anxiously awaiting his (or I suppose it could be her) arrival.  Crossing all my fingers and toes that whichever it is speaks even the slightest amount of English.  Just realized it would probably be best if I had on a bra.  Geez, I’m an idiot.

Edited to add:  I just realized that my blog still thinks I’m in Edmonton because I never adjusted the time zone.  So this post thought it was September 1st which it was NOT when I wrote it.  I’ve now adjusted for where I am.  Included when it was posted….at least I think I have…this might take some work….

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