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Every day can be an adventure…

Posted by Allison on August 29, 2009

The first week of school is finished and the kids are exhausted.  Nothing wears a kid out like having to get up in the morning and think.  Both kids enjoyed their respective classrooms and both kids will have an interesting year to say the least.   Nadia’s class has 5 students until October when the 6th one joins.  There are 3 girls and 2 boys so far and the other student coming is a boy (his dad plays hockey and they don’t land until October for the season) .  Of all the places in the world her teacher is from Victoria British Columbia.  How hilarious is that!  Elijah is completely in love with his Australian teacher and quite thrilled that there are GIRLS in grade 1.  Kindergarten was all boys so these creatures are quite interesting to him.  If given the choice he’ll partner with a girl every time!  The German teacher told us that he picked up the numbers pretty darn quick (not a shock) but lost interest when they moved on from the number stuff…

Today is Saturday and we HAVE to go shopping.  I cannot grocery shop for anything super heavy during the week because it’s a 2 km walk home and the shops are closed on Sunday so today is the day.  I needed my own person Sherpa so that I could buy a toaster and  a kettle.  We decided to take the kids to the farmers market in Mannheim first thing this morning then while they had quiet time we would head to the Real.  All I can say about the Farmers Market is Wow.  The marketplatz is a whole square closed to traffic (except the tram) .  There are merchants every where selling everything.Olives and mushrooms like I’ve never seen them and so many types of cheese we just bought some by pointing and hope to go back again soon.  In fact I could catch the tram after dropping the kids off at school on Tuesday or Thursday and take it straight to the Market, hmmmm sounds like a plan!


On the way to the market we met a nice German lady on the bus.  On the way home the same lady was on the same bus in Seckenheim (weird)  THEN as we were walking to the grocery store she passed us on her bike!  I think she’s a witch.

Oh and I made an amazing discovery in Mannheim!  I found a yarn store!  The lady was quite curt when I said I didn’t speak German but then when she started speaking English and I explained that I’d been in Germany 3 weeks and this was my first Yarn store, she opened right up!  We laughed and giggled.  I tell you there is a camaraderie amongst knitters like no others.  I even saw a lady on the tram yesterday making socks on 5 needles and had quite a point and giggle fest with her over the perils of knitting.

We had the BEST lunch at this Turkish restaurant.  We’ll definately be back there again.  Loved it!  The menu is so huge it took us forever to pick.  We ended up with lamb.   YUMMO!


Off to make supper but there will be more pictures once we have internet at the house, uploaded with this internet stick is a pain in the ass.  I lose my wit when I have to wait for 10 minutes for one picture.  Trust me this post was going to be hilarious.

4 Responses to “Every day can be an adventure…”

  1. Rhona said

    Oh, your post on the marketplatz brings back some great German memories. I never visited Mannheim while I was there but I hope to when I come next time.

  2. Rhona said

    Thank you for commenting. I will be starting my german classes next month and I am more scared than excited. It is such a hard language to grasp but with you living there, things will be easier. Keep me in the loop on your classes and how you are faring with the learning.

  3. anji said

    Hello Ally, it’s anji… from many, many years ago!!!! (Almost 10 now I guess???)

    What the heck are you doing in Deutschland!! I’m so jealous, I’ve been thinking of going there myself as well and may just do it! I’m a teacher now so I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get a job when I go… or, even before I go if I am lucky. Just waiting for some things to arrive first (ie, my passport and… waiting for my teachers college stuff to get all sorted out)

    Would love to chat sometime, do you use MSN at all? or just the yahoo???

    A bis den!

  4. Francine said

    Hi there! Thanks for popping by Callaloo Soup 🙂 Crafts are definitely a way to make instant friends in a foreign country, I have a group of ladies I scrap with here.Iit also helps immensely when learning a new language!

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