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It’s getting better every day.

Posted by Allison on August 19, 2009

Well we are finally getting settled after a week in the new house.  Scott has started work and the kids go back to school in a week.  I thought I’d give a little bit of a pictorial of the area for all the folks back home (and you out in internet land!)

First the kitchen is done.  I’m cooking supper right now.



It’s hard to take good pictures as the space is quite small but it’s perfect! And supper smells delicious.

This is a shot of the front of our new home.  We are on the end of the block of units but noise is NOT an issue in this very solidly build German home.  No wood frames here!


The previous tenant left these little fellows, Im going to put some nice flowers in there at some point.


These shots are of the back yard area.  The arch leads into our backyard.


The arch is to the=right in this shot to give some perspective.IMG_0514

Down the side of the house… arch on the right.  I was told by the agent to be sure to keep it up….the neighbours don’t like when you let it get unkept!


Another point of view on the side of the house.


My path to the grocery store starts out here…IMG_0519

Nadia met some American military kids and from our front door this is where they live…there has been many squeals of joy over this!


My path to the “back” and the route we take to catch the train from school!  Those large cans came today, very serious about recycling over here and even compost can be picked up (for 6 euros).


We may be sleeping on the floor with not a pot to piss in, but we have computers, internet and that means we have happy kids!


5 Responses to “It’s getting better every day.”

  1. Becca said

    I love the kitchen!! And that’s so awesome Nadia met some English speaking friends. She must be so happy! The place looks so german and cute. I don’t wanna jinx myself, but I don’t think I’m gonna get culture shock, do you? Good coffee, good wine, awesome food , within hours of incredible different countries to visit , quaint cafes everywhere, lots of people that DO speak English when you need it…idk sounds like heaven to me 🙂

  2. Allison Sim said

    I’m loving it too! So much nicer cooking supper than ordering every night. I’m getting into the swing of going to the market every couple of days. Love the walk over with my baskets, filling with fresh food and then pointing at the different stalls for the ladies to get my fresh meats. I can’t wait to see what it’s like in a few months when I know where I’m going and can at least communicate a little more than danke and bitte (and of course Tschüss)

  3. Meems said

    The kitchen looks great, and I love the house! I’m glad you are settling in so nicely, and that the kids have found some friends.

  4. Lynda said

    Alison, que bonita casa! I wish I could say that in German! It looks great and sounds like everyone is settling in just fine.
    Viel Glück!

  5. Shelly said

    It looks absolutely beautiful! Welcome home!

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