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Posted by Allison on August 18, 2009

I’m sitting here watching the kitchen as it’s being installed.  So far the cabinets are almost in and the dishwasher is in place.  Wolfie (as I call him only in my blog) is busy building away.  He did have to go for a part but he’s back and back to work.  Wolfie looks like Jean Reno.  The actor.  I desperately want to take his picture but with his broken English and my German/English dictionary I’m not 100% sure he wouldn’t get confused and think I was asking him to pose nude.  But he really really looks like this…


But with overalls and work boots.

So now the kitchen will have this order (from left to right)  instead of the picture I showed before….

dishwasher with sink above

oven with ceramic top above

under counter (that’s how it translates i think)

pantry and then fridge/freezer

I’m REALLY trying to avoid walking into the kitchen every 5 minutes to take a look but dammit it’s pretty cool.  Oh and Jean Reno isn’t half bad to look at either.

4 Responses to “Kuchen”

  1. Whitney said

    I loved Jean Reno in “The Professional.” ❤ Haha. Glad everything is going smooth with the move in and the kitchen! Best of luck to you and your family with your new lives in Germany 😉

  2. Lucky you! New kitchen, all fancy schmancy! Hope the work continues to go well and you manage to keep your hands off the hired help! lol

    just stopping by from SITS to say hi; hope you’ll do the same.

  3. lesa said

    love jean reno! somehow i havent been able to locate a jean reno look alike here in the prairies….

    what is up with that?

  4. Allison Sim said

    Sadly I believe my Wolfgang is the true Jean Reno twin. You’ll have to come here to meet him. Scott asked if I’m going to start breaking things just to spend time with him. I said yes.

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