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Posted by Allison on June 29, 2009

Yesterday I (well really we cause Scott was there too)…

primed and painted Elijahs room

cleared out the master bedroom walk in closet

Today I….

reorganized Elijah’s room and put the bed back

cleaned out the office

sanded the garage door

cleared out the stuff around the upstairs

recleaned the kitchen and laundry area

listed the house for sale (YIPPEE!!!)

Tomorrow I’ll….

paint the garage door

clean the carpets

and hopefully get some viewing appointments

This is CRAZY!  We will be in Germany in SIX weeks!   DAMN!   So I haven’t been blogging, or knitting or going to yoga.  But I’m going to a 6:30 AM class on Thurday so I’m really looking forward to THAT!

4 Responses to “So….”

  1. erin said

    You rock Allie. I would have just hidden somewhere and let the world go by with pressure and a deadline like you have!

  2. Allison Sim said

    Part of me wants to hid under the bed with my knitting and weep but the other part of me knows that if I stop I’ll think about the enormity of what we are trying to pull off in 6 weeks and I’ll need to be committed.

  3. shraddha said

    you are busy!

    good luck!

  4. Katie said

    My husband and I are moving to Germany in about 6 weeks too. We are moving to Erlangen for his job with adidas Global and I am a teacher. No kids, but still seems like quite an adventure. I am looking forward to following yours as well. My blog is set up, but I will probably not post much until we are there. Good luck!

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