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I should probably bump into walls more…

Posted by Allison on June 1, 2009

I’m not sure why I don’t notice some things that others notice.  I like to think that I’m just above the superficial things in life and that I’m so advance emotionally that I live life on a different level but I think that illusion is leaving the building.  For the second time this school year a mom at my child’s school has given birth and I had NO IDEA SHE WAS PREGNANT!   She’s not a big girl either.  Just a regular mom.  Now in my defense she now has FOUR kids under the age of 6 so it’s not like you see her and think ‘wow, just about time for another baby!’ and she’s really tall so she probably carries in a way that doesn’t show that much.  But DAMN, how do I completely miss someone being pregnant.  I am really one of those great friends who can say honestly that you can gain 20 pounds and I won’t notice.  On the flip side, you can lose 20 pounds and that doesn’t register either.  However I can spot hand knit socks at 100 yards so I have other skills.

Speaking of knitting it’s time to pick up the sticks again, I really haven’t been doing a lot of it lately.  My youngest and most delightful child has decided that the only socks he can wear are homemade Mommy socks.  So cute…but he only has three pair that fit and two of them have holes in them.  Last night the only way we got him to sleep was to promise that we would look all night for his green Mommy socks.  Um,  we didn’t.  This morning when said socks were still missing there was a melt down of epic proportions.  Fortunately for Mommy I happened to find them at the final moments before I had to stick him in the van screaming but it was close.  By the way, I totally realize how crazy that sounds, don’t judge me.   So I’m going down to my yarn stash and I’m going to start some new ones for him today.  He’s my favorite kid (the other is down stairs faking sick to skip school and the other one said ‘yes’ when i asked if i looked fat in my summer shorts yesterday) so I think he deserves some new socks!

Oh and can I just add that the remake of Melrose Place looks a MILLION times better than the new 90210.  I’m still 13, shut up.

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