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Over half way done.

Posted by Allison on April 12, 2009

Today in during my yoga practise I spent wind removing pose trying to count to 40.  I knew that I was on day 22 but for the life of me I couldn’t imagine that I had 18 days left.  I was trying to see what 18 and 12 (it being April 12th) added up to and it’s was the most difficult mathematical equation of all times.  Somedays you have the intensity, some days you don’t.

Remember last challenge when all I could think about, talk about or do was Bikram.  This one is soooo different.  maybe because there’s no ‘group’ or maybe because there isn’t the big unknown with this challenge but it just seems to keep moving along.  No drama, no freakout, just yoga.

And yes we are STILL waiting to find out about the overseas job.  I’m learning patience on the mat and in real life….I’m such a grown up.

And today I found the COOLEST thing ever!  It’s a site called The Secret is in the Sauce.  This is what they say…

Welcome to the Sitstahood! We are a group of bloggers dedicated to supporting one another by leaving comments. Lots and lots of comments.

If you want to find a bunch of fun blogs to read…and they list blogs that have contests too!  So cool. I’m going to figure it all out on Tuesday when these people get out of my house and go back to work and school!

One Response to “Over half way done.”

  1. Wanted to come by and say welcome to the SITStahood!

    Look at this awesome shout out, thank you so much!

    Bikram challenge- Wow!


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