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Change is coming.

Posted by Allison on March 8, 2009

Change a good thing.  Sometimes it doesn’t seem like a good thing but other times it’s a big huge fuzzy happy smile out there waiting for you.  We have change coming in our lives and it’s a biggy.

For years my dh and I have talked about moving overseas.  Just selling everything and moving.  We tried a few time in years past but couldn’t get what we wanted (a post at a military base as a teacher) and then Em was getting close to graduating and we promised we would stay in Canada to let him graduate with his friends.  Well June is right around the corner and Em is going to be a high school graduate. We finally decided that we are going. Yes. we’ll miss our family. Yes. we know there will be culture shock. Yes. most importantly Em is coming with us. and YES the government has to get off their asses and get N’s adoption finalized cause she is coming too.

In two weeks we are going to find out something huge.  Life changing huge. Holy crap I can’t believe it huge.  Spend all my time on the computer looking at different possibilities huge.  And let me just say….no snow.  Here’s a little hint…the view from one of the school provided housing…


2 Responses to “Change is coming.”

  1. erin said

    oh look, there is an empty spot on one of those benches, enough room for me!!

  2. Kristi said

    um not sure if you are aware of this.. but u can’t leave me. ever. How the crap can I buy a house if you leave me? and I will buy one eventually…. serious. Stop laughing. no serious u can pick yourself off the floor and stop with the tear envoking laughter. ok ok its not even funny anymore. ugh ur hopeless.

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