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A boring post about nothing.

Posted by Allison on January 22, 2009

This update has NOTHING but boring things ahead.  Read at your own risk.

All my adult life I’ve wanted to grow an amaryllis.  Every year I think I’ll remember to take the bulb out of the storage room and EVERY year I forget.  This year was going to be different.  First of all, I lost the damn bulb that I’ve had for 3 years and keep forgetting to put out and second I remembered!  Okay so those two things don’t make sense.  Let me explain, no, that will take too long, let me sum up (10 points if  you can name the movie)  I was in Walmart shortly before Christmas, laughing and making fun of the people who are clearly beneath me (and shopping) and I saw an amaryllis in a box kit.  So I bought it.  Now these things are suppose to be started in October of something but whatever.  I started late.  And today, middle of January, I finally have my first amaryllis flowering plant!  I’m besides myself with joy (well that could be the wine).

Next year I’m putting it out on halloween night and I”m holding anyone who reads my blog responsible to remind me.  Which is like 2 of you.  Rox and my mother in law….one of them will.

My next post may be all about Scott vasectomy.  I’m waiting to see if his voice gets higher cause then it’ll be even funnier.

2 Responses to “A boring post about nothing.”

  1. Marin said

    Princess Bride.

    Jealousy! I have one of those amaryllis-in-a-box things I’ve forgotten for two consecutive years.

    I’ll remind you to put yours out if you remind me to do mine on Halloween.

    BTW? When Brother had his vasectomy, I brought him a treat to make him feel better: a Twinkie nestled above and between two of those pink coconut Snowballs, complete with hand-crafted stitches in black icing. The look you get for a thoughtful gift like that is PRICELESS.

  2. Shelly said

    I have grown a lot of amarylliseseseses…never had a one bloom by the holiday. *sigh*

    I do love them, though. I wonder if I can find one on clearance somewhere…

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