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New Year, Big Year.

Posted by Allison on January 7, 2009

This is my 40th year.  I am turning 40 this year.  This year is “someday”.  Trust me I KNOW the alternative sucks but I’m still not quite sure what to do with this…I mean, I know that I’m going to swear a lot and believe me I know the massive ribbing that is coming my way from various people but holy crap, I’m turning FORTY this year.

Anyway, what the fuck. I’m not 100% sure I even care.  Oh god, that hurt.  You know that sudden nose growing hurts like a bitch.

Knitting.  I found a single sock that I had almost finished for Elijah.  He immediately put it on and asked me where the “udder one is, mommy”.  So I’m finishing off the second.  Problem is I don’t remember the pattern exactly so it’s a bit of a gamble. Since it’s going on a 5 year olds foot however I’m not too worried.

I made a little poncho thingie for N.  Just had some extra yarn hanging around and wasn’t in the mood to knit socks so here it is.


Yoga.  Still love it, still going.  Thinking that a 40 day challenge leading up to my 40th birthday might be a real challenge but very important.

Oh and don’t ask how I came across the following information.  But did you know there is actually a calendar of hot Italian priests?  Sadly I saw it on another blog so it’s not like I order it or anything.  But I really think it would be a hilarious 81st birthday gift for my mother.  I’m going to hell aren’t I?

Oh and I had Scott take a picture of a crying Elijah so I have blackmail shots later on but he was faking so you can totally see the half smile in his eyes.  God this kid is too cute for words.



5 Responses to “New Year, Big Year.”

  1. erin said

    It is about damn time you updated. It’s not like you were busy or anything.

  2. Kristi said

    40? oh wow… I was totally thinking you were way younger. like early twenties… lol oh right thats ur son thats almost 20!!! lol geez you are about to be old!! lol

  3. Kristi said

    You are friends with me cause you need someone sane in your life, someone who isn’t all over the map, and someone who isn’t smart ass and sarcastic….. crap, I’m not sure why you are friends with me actually. Cause your life has never been the same since I arrived in room 22 last year? Cause you are desperate for clients and you hope sometime in your lifetime I might buy a house? So you can save all the times I bug you about your kids and turn the tables on me eventually sometime when I have kids? Cause no one else will be your friend?? I suppose there are lots of reasons you are friends with me…..

  4. Allison Sim said

    Ugh…and just think, today I was thinking I’d cut down my wine consumption….

  5. Kristi said

    are you ughing me?? the nerve….. Have I ever told you that you can drink my share of wine while I am currently not drinking? See I just made your day brighter and drunker!!!

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