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Down to single digits.

Posted by Allison on November 22, 2008

Wow. I understand why the word “challenge” is in th 30 day challenge.  I have 9 days left (after today it’ll be 8) and this last week and a half is the hardest part of the challenge by far.  I’m considering doing a double tomorrow because part of me desperately wants a day off but then the other part of me is interested in finishing the challenge having practise every day vs. doing doubles and taking days off.  I don’t know which one will win out.  I could do the double to find out what it’s like and then not skip a day and end the challenge with 31 days under my belt.  Well the fact is the challenge ends on a Sunday and since I want to continue practising on weekdays I”ll probably end up going through the next week anyway.

Oh well.  I guess the things I can take from this 30 days are many.

Yoga is a lifetime practice.

There is no finish line, there is no ending.

Fixed firm pose can take years not months

Some days camel feels amazing, some days it feels horrible.

Savasana can be the toughest posture of them all.

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