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Day four, CAMEL

Posted by Allison on November 4, 2008

The one thing I’ve learned about Bikram’s yoga is this.  The more I dread the pose, the harder it is to do. The more I’m positive the easier it is.  So my big road blocks are Camel and Triangle.  I’ve really got my head around the selftalk when it comes to triangle and can work through the pose but Camel….oy.  So today for the very first time I was able to go all the way back in Camel.


I’m watching the election with my mother and family tonight.  When my mother was born to a poor and simple life in Trinidad in 1928.  They were poor but education was extremely important.  At the same time, although blacks were allowed to vote in the United States (since 1865) there were many barriers in place (like not being able to vote if you couldn’t read).  She was a young wife and mother in Canada when real change happened.  For many years after moving here she couldn’t get a descent place to rent, the property would be available until she showed up then miraculously rented when they saw her.  She remembers vividly the day Kennedy was shot.  She still remembers when Bobby was killed and Martin Luther King JR was assissinated.  And tonight she is going to watch the United States of America elect a Black man to the highest office they have… least I hope and pray that is what she gets to watch tonight.

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